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Sep. 1st, 2014 07:49 pm
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I wrote a drabble today. That's pretty neat. Just a little cheesy fluff piece featuring Harry and Louis. But still. I wroted. :)
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i wrote a thing! it's not good. (it never is) but hey, i started and finished something.

*pats self on back*
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title: that's really distracting
pairing: niall/zayn
word count: 100+
rating: pg
disclaimer: I don't own people
warning: very little punctuation
summary: niall is playing the guitar

He strums a few chords, hums a few lines from their new song.
You know, that's really distracting.
Zayn smiles. Acts innocent. What is?
Looking at me like that.
Like what exactly he asks as he climbs onto Niall's lap.
Like you want to devour me.
Maybe I do.
Don't think I'd taste all that good.
He leans forward and bites the tip of Niall's nose. Nope, you're wrong.
Niall laughs. You know, I still have to practice and I can't really play with you sitting there.

Don't care. Just wanna kiss you now.
I'm blaming you if I mess up when we're recording.
Zayn moves the guitar from between them. Niall?
Shut up.
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Sam and Dean have just killed a monster. They're about to leave, going to go find the nearest bar but The Girls insist that they stay for cheesecake.

Dorothy: What the hell was that?
Dean: A Glimick demon. They prey on uh, ...
Blanche: [smiles at Dean and leans in a bit] Yes?
Sam: Older woman.
Dean: I was going to say, women with experience.
Blanche: If it's experience you're looking for, honey. I've got it.
Sophia: She's got more notches on her belt than Wilt Chamberlain.
Dorothy: Mom!
Sophia: They're old enough to be your grandsons.
Rose: Back in St. Olaf, I dated a vampire once.
Sam: You dated a vampire?
Rose: Well, he never wanted to go out during the day and he really liked biting me.
Blanche: Oh, sweetie. I've had plenty of guys like that.
Rose: He also liked drinking blood.
Dorothy: What?!?!

#disclaimer #notmine
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There is a prompt drabble challenge extravganza going on over at [ profile] teenwolf_slash here.

And so far I've written a couple silly Derek/Stiles drabbles or well, a drabble and a fictional conversation.

I feel good about this because a) I've been wanting to write something for awhile now (and when I say "write" I mean my silly little things that I write and not like an epic story) and b) people are replying which for me is almost always surprising and lovely

Come join the fun!

Do it! Do it now!

+ + +

I miss the days when there was a convention and my flist would be FLOODED with pictures of Jared and Jensen. There was a convention this weekend and my flist is DRY! Or, some expression of words that implies that there are no new pictures of Jared and Jensen. Jesus Christ, people!

*over dramatic cry*

I still really enjoy looking at Jared and Jensen.

Are people not going to Conventions? Not taking pictures? Not sharing them?

I don't understand!
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Title: [I don't have one]
Author: Well, that would be me.
Rating: PG.
Pairing: Hmm, well. Sam and Dean have a casual brothers with benefits kind of relationship but this is mostly Sam/OFC ... sorta.
Disclaimer: I don't even think that Helen Keller would believe that I was Kripke. Course, she's dead so she couldn't argue with me that I wasn't. Hmm.
Author's Notes: I don't write often and I don't write that well when I do. I'd like to use this space to give an honest and sappy heartfelt "thank you." to those few who read these silly little things.

the conversation )
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Moments in Fictitious Time. (This story is complete. It's partly narrated. Partly not. Imagination is needed.)

Jared is fourteen. Jensen is sixteen.
Bestfriends for years, maybe boyfriends for a few months.

[After Jensen had kissed Jared for the first time - panicking when Jared took a moment to kiss him back, Jared looked at  Jensen and in a mock southern belle voice had asked, 'Does this make us boyfriend and girlfriend, now?' Jensen smiled,  punched Jared in the shoulder and told him, 'Only, if you're the girl. Asshole.']

In a week, give or take a day or two, Jensen will be moving to another state, one that is far far away from where he is currently living with his mom, dad, brother and sister.

Oh, I should mention that at the moment they're in Texas - unless of course you have something against Texas then please relocate them to another state that you enjoy and/or are familiar with.

Right now, Jared and Jensen are outside in Jared's parents backyard. The sky is blue, the sun is hot. They're laying on their backs holding hands.

"You're never going to forget me, Jensen Ackles." Jared informs Jensen.

"That sounds kind of creepy ... Jared Padalecki."

Jared turns his head toward Jensen. "You won't, right? I mean we're ... This is ... Do you really have to move?"

Jensen props himself up on his elbows and leans over to kiss Jared on the forehead. "This is and we're totally ... yeah. But if... If not. We'll always be best friends."

"You'll write, right?"

"Boy Scouts, honour." Jensen salutes.

"You were never a Boy Scout."

"Yeah, but I wanted to be."

[Now, if you could imagine time passing, tearful goodbyes full of kisses and promises that would help move this along.]

The first week, Jensen and Jared exchange letters every day or sometimes every other day depending on how the post is.

On Saturday, Jared's letter ends with, "ps. We have phones, you know we could text."

Jared texts - Where's the romance in that? -

On Tuesday Jared comes home from his part-time job that he got for the summer, to a rather impressive boquet of flowers  with a note attached that reads, "This romantic enough for you, dick?"

If anyone had been around Jared would have denied his girlish giggle and happy sigh, but lucky for him the house was  empty. Still he eyed the dogs as he walked up the stairs to his room. "Not a word." He tells them. Being dogs they look at him with confused expressions, hoping for food.

- Dork -

- Got the flowers huh? -

- I always knew you were a giant romantic sap -

- And I always knew you were a giant girl -

- I love you -

Jared answers his phone before the first ring has finished. "You love me?"

"I've loved you for years, you're my best friend."

"Oh, I thought that ... Nevermind, what I thought."

"You're an idiot."

"Gosh, thanks."



"I really do love you, you know."

"Yeah, I know."

[And here, if you could imagine a month or so passing by. More letters, more texts. A few phone calls. Jared at his job - maybe he mows lawns and walks dogs. And to be honest, I'm not really sure what Jensen is doing during this time.  Perhaps he's getting used to the new house, the new neighborhood. Maybe he meets Christian and makes a new friend.]

Nine a.m. on a Saturday morning a sleepy Jensen answers the door to a smirking Jared. Jared grabs a shocked Jensen and kisses him breathless. "This is way more romantic."

"What? How?" Jensen's brain is slowly catching up.

"Well, see Jensen, how romance works is ..."

"I meant, how are you here?" Jensen interrupts.

"I saved my money and mom helped a little. It's just for a couple of days. Uh, your parents will let me stay here, right?"
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Title: It might mean everything.
Author: I wrote this pack of lies
Details: PG. And in my reality it's always about Sam and Dean.
Disclaimer: See above : mentioned lies, pack of.
Notes: I can't write descriptions and I love ellipses way to much.

Castiel: Dean, the world is ending and Sam's Lucifer we don't really have time to play games.
Dean: Dammit, Cas. Just shut up and put on the wig. Take off the trench coat as well.
Castiel: I don't understand why you're dressing me up to look like Sam, this isn't going to help him.
Dean: I can't ... I can't kiss you when you look like you.
Castiel: You can't kiss me at all!
Dean: I swear to God, Cas ...
Castiel: Swearing to God isn't going to do anything, Dean. You know that... )


Feb. 4th, 2010 04:22 pm
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Sam and Dean through the years.
Dean was always good at saying "No." to Sam

Sam: Can I have a cookie, Dean?
Dean: It's bed time, Sammy. No.

Sam: Tell me about Mom.
Dean: Not now, Sam. Maybe when you're older.

Sam: You won't admit it but you're going to miss me, jerk.
Dean: Bite me, bitch. I'm not going to miss you for a second.

Sam: Do you want me to stop?
Dean: Nnnngh ... no. You stop and I'll make sure I come in your eye.
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Title: Saying Yes
Rating: G
Pairing:[Gen] Sam and Lucifer
Disclaimer: fic tion / the act of feigning, inventing, or imagining
Author's Note: "I will never lie to you, and I will never trick you, but you will say yes to me."

Sam? Please, Sam. We both need this. You need this just as much as I do.
Begging? Seriously? And what I need is for you to leave me alone.

I want you to want me. I need you to need me ...
You're serenading me? For real? Jesus Christ!

The world would be yours. Anything you've ever wanted could be yours.
I don't need anything at that price.

He will die you know.
When Dean says yes to Michael, when Michael's through with him he will die.
You're lying.
I told you, Sam. I'll never lie to you. You could stop him. Save him.
Be my vessel and I'll show you.

lies / fc

Sep. 5th, 2009 06:45 pm
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[lies and fc]

Sam Winchester. Sam Walker.
A conversation in Tree Hill.

Not my characters.

* * *

She's had a fight with Brooke. Stormed off. Slammed the door and made her way to the diner.
He's had a fight with Dean. Stormed off. Slammed the door and made his way to the diner.

She sits down at the counter. Orders a coffee. Thinks about ordering a slice of pie.
He sits down next to her in the only empty chair. Orders a coffee. Adds a slice of pie to his order.

You're not from 'round here. She says.
Just passing through. He replies.

Sam. She says.
Sam. He says.

They smile.

What brings you to Tree Hill? She asks.
Road trip with Dean. He says.

She raises an eyebrow.
Brother. He lets her know.

Where is he?
Being a dick.

Brooke would probably give him a run for his money.
He raises an eyebrow.

Foster mom. She lets him know.

He slides half his pie over her way.
She smiles. Reaches for a plastic fork.

I had a brother once ... No, he was more like a boyfriend. He kissed me once. Twice.
I kissed my brother once. He says quietly.

She pauses before asking. Did he kiss you back?
Several times.

And he's like your brother brother?


Guess kissing Jack wasn't so bad after all. She teases a little.
Not if you love them.
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Title: n/a
Rating: PG
Pairing: Sam and Dean with mention of Dean/Ruby and future Sam/Dean
Warnings: I didn't use proper puncutation and also there are spoilers for I Know What You Did Last Summer.
Disclaimer: I'm not Eric Kripke.

Sam asks. Where were you?

Dean shrugs. Out.

Sam sighs. You get her name this time?

Dean hesitates. No.

Sam stands, faces him. Dean.

Dean avoids eye contact. What?

Sam breathes deep. I know you were with her.

Dean blinks. Who?

Sam steps closer. Ruby.

Dean steps back. I ... It wasn't like that Sam.

Sam smirks. No, Dean. It was exactly like that.

Dean stands still. How?

Sam tells him. Ruby, she can't lie to me. So was it good Dean? Was it just like my story? Everything you imagined it'd be?

Dean wants to lie. Yes. But I'd rather ...

Sam's so close now. Rather what Dean?

Dean looks up, smiles. Know your side.
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Title: It's Been
Characters: Sam, Dean, others [gen]
Rating: G
Disclaimer: If you think I own them, you're an idiot.
AN: Contains a casting spoiler. The one that's been going around for awhile now. No other spoilers though.

It's been ...

Three months and Dean's still in hell.
- The pain is something one can never get used to.
- Given enough time one can get used to anything.
- Time heals all wounds.
- He's got nothing but time.

Three months and Sam's going through the motions.
- He eats. He sleeps. He exists. Barely.
- He's almost given up, almost.
- "As long as one heart still holds on then hope is never really gone."
- "What is Hell but the total absence of hope?"
- He can't give up.

Three months and Bobby's barely keeping it all together.
- He's tried to find a loop hole.
- He's phoned and emailed and faxed all his contacts.
- Some he hasn't spoken to in years. They all tell him the same thing.
- There's nothing.
- He hasn't told Sam yet.

Three months and Ruby's dragged back down.
- Or maybe she's just skipped town.
- She'd been ignoring Sam for weeks.
- Maybe she's scared. Maybe she's bored.
- There's always a maybe. Either way, she's gone.
- Sam doesn't care if she comes back. She was useless.

Four months and Sam's eyes flash black.
- Dean's not coming out, he's sure of that now.
- He's going in, this he's positive of.
- Bobby's afraid. For him or of him, he isn't sure.
- It'll be okay soon.
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Disclaimer: If I owned them, Sam would be naked all the time and Dean would be bloody.
AN: Sometimes you have to post shit.

It's the same this time. Dean's gone and he continues to live.

It's the same this time. He's going to find away to save Dean from hell.

It's the same this time. He still dreams of Dean, happy with a wife and two kids. Dean telling the kids about the adventures him and Uncle Sammy used to have.

It's different this time. Bobby is always there, always letting Sam know that he's there.

It's different this time. There's no Trickster to hunt down, no one to force ... to beg to turn back time.

It's different this time. He could have stopped it.
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I was being really lame today and reading over some of my drabbles and there was one or probably more than one with lines stolen from other shows. So I thought to myself, 'What other shows can I steal a line from and insert it into a drabble? But uh, I don't seem to have any drabbling ability so there's just an extra fictional conversation.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything and I don't know what's going to happen to anyone in the season finale.

Ruby: [standing in the doorway of the motel room] Time's up, Dean.

Dean: Ruby? Why? ... What?

Ruby: It's been a year. Grab your bag, princess.

Sam: You. You're the one taking my brother to hell?

Ruby: Looks like.

Sam: This was the plan all along wasn't it?

Ruby: We've all got a job to do, Sam.

//Sam rushes toward Ruby but Dean stops him//

Dean: Can I have a moment alone with him?

Ruby: [checks her watch] Yeah, we've got a couple of minutes.

//Dean and Sam say their goodbyes//

Ruby: I'll be seeing you around, Sammy.

Sam: I'll get my brother back, you bitch.

Ruby: Let it go, Sam. It's over.

Sam: [yells] It is not over! You're over!

*Sam and Dean's goodbye can be whatever you would like it to be.
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Title: Plaything
Rating: G
Pairing: Sam and 3:12 spoiler [gen]
Disclaimer: fic tion / the act of feigning, inventing, or imagining
Author's Note: Originally there was a park and a dream and Sam realizing what needed to be done - what he had to do but I can't write for shit so instead ... There's this.

She says, "Come play with me."

He says, "I'm not going to play with you."

She grins at him and asks again.

He glares and refuses again.

She says, "Sam."

He says, "I'm not a plaything."

She stomps her feet and threatens to kill a bunch of innocent people - Bobby included.

He starts reciting Latin.

She says, "Dean only has a couple of months left."

He says, "I know."

She sits cross legged on the floor drawing patterns with her fingertips.

He watches her carefully.

She says, "I know who holds the contract to Dean's soul. Do you, Sam?"

He says, "No, I don't."

She says, "Come play with me."
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Title: n/a
Rating: G
Pairing: Sam and Dean
Disclaimer: My name is not Kripke
Author's Notes: Is there some sort of rule written in stone that says that drabbles have to be 100 words? Because they should change that - mostly because this goes three words over.
Author's Notes Again: Unbeta'd.

They're eating doughnuts - Boston creme and jelly filled - it was Dean's choice though Sam did offer to buy him a cake, said that he'd even get one like Ben had.

"Do you think Hell has parties?"


"I'll be turning 30 next year, dude. I want a party."

Sam's silent for a moment processing what Dean's said. "You want Hell, the place that houses the demons that we fight, the ones that killed Mom, Dad, Jess and ... You want them to throw you a party?"

"I dunno. Maybe. It's a big year, Sam."

"Maybe they'll flog you."

Dean snorts - a small smile on his face. "Maybe."

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Dear Writers of Fiction,

Please stop using "cum" in your fics.

It looks bad and sounds even worse.


* *

Caramilk Deluxe just might be the best thing ever.


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