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My Fall TV Schedule: ... )

I want to watch all the shows ever!

I'm honestly not sure if that's all of them. And some of the new ones may be dropped.

And I have no idea when One Tree Hill comes back and what night it's on so I just guessed on that one.

#I can't take my eyes off you
#I can't take my eyes off you
#I can't take my eyes off you
#I can't take my eyes off you
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I left work early today and instead of doing anything productive with my day (ha!) I spent the day watching the first season of Merlin. Okay, I watched the first episode last night and then the rest today.

Overall, I enjoyed it though there were times I was rolling my eyes thinking, 'Stop being so dramatic, ugh.'

Behind the cut I talk about the characters on Merlin but also about Buffy and Supernatural because I don't know how not to. and cut! )

It'll be awhile before I can watch S2 and the other seasons so please no spoilers.
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I've been watching quite a bit of Sonny With a Chance and I kind of love it. A lot. And for awhile I thought I had an inappropriate crush on Sterling Knight but then I learned that's 22. So, he's just a lot younger but not inappropriate. And that's a good thing.

Blah blah and yadda yadda. This exchange happened on one of the eps and it's how I imagine a lot of well known people meet/interact.

Sonny: And this is ...
Chad Dylan Cooper: Ehh. He knows who I am.
Trey: No, no I don't.
Chad Dylan Cooper: [laughs] Yes, you do. C'mon, you're famous. I'm famous.
Trey: Really? That's weird I don't recall seeing you at the last famous meeting.

I bet they really do have famous meetings.
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Guys are you watching?

Who do you think killed Rosie Larsen?

I have no idea. Bennet seems too obvious. Part of me is thinking maybe it was the dad even though he's not acting shady at all.

Maybe it's the young guy running for Mayor (it'd be awesome if I knew names) or the girl he's sleeping with.

Who dun it?!
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I'm really enjoying Breaking In and Happy Endings. You should watch them. They are entertaining. Yes. Often while watching Breaking In, in my head I'll shout, 'OMG. Christian Slater!!' Yep. ... eta: Just found out that they cancelled Breaking In. Boo. Hiss. ... Goodbye Christian Slater!

Spoilers for last night's Glee and One Tree Hill and some random babbling about them but no future spoilers because well, I don't know any future spoilers. Cut )


Feb. 9th, 2011 08:17 pm
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I wonder if a singer ever says, 'Gosh, you sang that song better than I did.' to a Glee member. And they reply with, 'Thank you, but that's not true.' But on the inside they're secretly thinking, 'Bitch, you know I did.'

ps. When are they going to cover Pink's Raise Your Glass or Fuckin' Perfect?


Jan. 22nd, 2011 08:48 pm
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Finally got around to watching White Collar. Oh, sweet Moses I love this show.

slight spoiler? )

When are we getting a Psych/White Collar crossover? We need one.

* * *

Watched Fairly Legal tonight as well. I enjoyed it. Though, I'm biased and enjoy most anything that has a Buffy reference in it.

Also it's filmed in Vancouver which I also enjoy.

And has Sarah Shahi.
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It's been eons since I've watched an awards show and honestly I'm not sure that I've ever seen the Gemini's because I'm a bad Canadian. But last night I happened to have the tv turned to the channel that it was on and also Cory Monteith was hosting so I thought I'd watch.

Kinda glad I did.

My goodness we're hilarious, eh?

I really liked that Rick Mercer mentioned The Littlest Hobo without actually saying "The Littlest Hobo."

I thought Cory did an all right job hosting.

I really liked Trevor Boris's idea for an all gay hockey team because he was "looking for hot gay guys." Oh! And the one person's idea for "RoboBieber." because Justin Bieber and robots were so popular.

Fred Ewanuick and Anna Silk were presenting an award for, a dramatic series? Maybe. Something. I can't remember.

Anna Silk: And I find it a bit strange that we're presenting this award because you're in a comedy and I'm on a reality show.

And then Enrico Colantoni and Leah Miller presenting.

Leah: Well, I'm the host so I'm not judged.
Enrico: [just looks at her and shakes his head a little]

His expression there was the best!

The Degrassi bit kind of made me a bit weepy and almost made me want to watch the show. Almost.

I kind of want a dl. I want to watch again.

Lost Girl

Oct. 20th, 2010 07:18 pm
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Dyson: Does this mean you're back on Team Dyson?
Kenzi: You wish.
Dyson: C'mon, we're having t-shirts made.

We should all be on Team Dyson (the guy in the icon).

I fucking love them. And this show. Are you watching? I know [livejournal.com profile] eilan is and [livejournal.com profile] lavendergaia is because she shared links. But is anyone else?

Wait. What show?

Fucking Lost Girl.

Lost Girl? Sounds lame.

I once thought that but lo, it is not. It is epic and amazing and wonderful.

What's it about?

It's about Bo. Bo has just found out that she's a succubus (she knew she was different just wasn't aware of what she was because she was raised by humans). Yadda yadda yadda. There's a fight. And Bo has to choose a side either Light Fae or Dark Fae. Bo says, 'Neither. I choose humans!'

It's about Kenzi*. A young girl that becomes fast friends after Bo saves her from an attempted rape. Her and Bo start their own P.I. business.

It's about Dyson. Dyson is a cop. And him and Bo have big fat crushes on each other but cannot be together because of this that and the other. However, whenever Bo needs to be healed her and Bo fuck hard. And are on their way to becoming 'friends with benefits'.

It's about Detective Hale. He's bff's with Dyson.

And there's other folks and fae. And a little girl on girl action. And a little threesome action. And there's crime fighting. And kicking of ass. And it's just all very well done.

It's a little Supernatural. It's a little ... I dunno, The Gates, maybe. And it's a lot awesome. And it's Canadian!

*Kenzi is played by the girl who plays Natasha on Life Unexpected. And while I like Natasha I fucking love Kenzi. Kenzi is my favourite. There's more to Kenzi then just "side-kick" but I cannot properly explain just how awesome I think she is.

So in conclusion, if you like shiny pretty things. Watch this show (Showcase if you're in Canada) or various download comms if you're not.

Seriously. Shit is good. Watch.
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Now, I don't watch these shows or didn't watch, as the case may be with The Hills but from the internet, TMZ, magazines and other such sources I know way too much about these shows. Like a couple of their names.

Question One:
Were any of these people 'famous' before being on these reality shows or are they 'famous' because of these shows?

Question Two:
Does anyone honestly think that "The Situation" is attractive at all? Seriously?

Bonus Essay Question:
If Mike Sorrentino* can call himself "The Situation" because of his abs, should Jared Padalecki call himself "Houston, We Have a Problem"?

*I had to look up his actual name.
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That guy there, from The Glades, reminds me of a younger dorkier Shawn (James Roday) ... and speaking of Psych please tell me where I know this guy from. (he was on the last ep of Psych - sorry,  I didn't get a better screencap)

Aaaaaaaand. Also. The opening credits of Psych, there's that part where Shawn is dressed as a cowboy but I don't think Gus is ... that's not the point, and the fake wall thingy falls and they're in the doorway? Yeah, you know what I'm very badly describing. What ep is that from? I want screencaps.

* * *

Every so often I'll see mention of someone having 400+ icons and when I do, for a moment I get all envious and think, 'Ooh, I want that.' but I don't, not really. Not when I've had 270 for a while and haven't been arsed to fill them all yet. Which, I need to do. The majority of my icons are all Supernatural, Jared, Jensen, Genevieve and Danneel related and I really should have icons of other shows, other actors. Perhaps.

* * *

Seems to be quite a few friends cuts going around. But I'm thinking today of doing the opposite, friend back some of those that have me friended.
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*crosses fingers*  I'm pretty sure I got me Firefox again. Well, I do, I'm just hoping that if I have to update again it actually will this time.  And I feel like I'm cheating on Chrome now but there were shiny things in Firefox that I was missing.


A while ago, I mentioned that Firefox wouldn't update no matter how many times I uninstalled and then reinstalled it. So, yesterday, I decided to try again. Only, this time I clicked on the button that said, 'Don't save any links/bookmarks/whathaveyous' and then I went rummaging through my computer to see if I could find any folders that were labelled 'mozilla firefox' and I found one and got rid of that and then I went and downloaded it again and Voila!

* * *

I both like and dislike that Angelina Jolie's tits are uneven on the cover of Vanity Fair. Pretty sure that's the magazine. I like cos, then it looks more natural and don't like because well, after awhile you get kinda used to looking at airbrushed flawless perfection on the cover of magazines and when it's not it's jarring.

* * *

Who else is watching The Gates? I don't think it's a good show but I kind of really enjoy it. I hope it lasts at least a season.

* * *

My extra icons are going to expire before I get around to uploading them. I need to both start making more and finding more to use.  ... Soon.

* * *

I love this picture so much.

And these two as well.

I looked up Todd on imdb and learned that he was M'Fashnik, you know, like mmm cookies.
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I forgot that I had something to say about this episode. It's possible it may be one of those "unpopular opinions." I'm not sure because often someone will say, 'I have an unpopular opinion and it's THIS THING.' and then a handful of others will say, 'Well, actually I think/feel the same way and hold on while I add to that opinion.' And so, I'm not when something stops being unpopular. Right then.

cut for spoilers and abuse of capslock )
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In case there was some one else out there who wanted to share in the disturbing.

* * *

I realized a day or two ago that Danneel looks a little grandmotherly in that outfit. Which, I love a lot since I need for Jensen to be a grandpa. And well, if this marriage lasts ...

* * *

This was found on some foreign fansite ... so, you know, already public. Anyhoo. Christ, he looks really pretty there. Like a lot.

* * *

Got all caught up on White Collar over the last few days. Good show. Two enthusiastic thumbs up.

babble on

Apr. 11th, 2010 07:19 pm
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- Glee! Glee is coming back.

- The last ep of Lost better have equal face time for everybody but if not. If not. Then it should focus solely on Locke, Jacob, Sayid and Hurley. Mmhmm.

- Remember when Sayid was on his knees and I believe his hands were tied behind him and he still managed to kill that guy? Is there a clip on youtube? Where?

- I miss Life. Why'd the have to go and cancel that show?

- I wonder if Sam and Dean like each other. I mean this in a platonic sort of way. And I'm sure they love each other cos they're brothers and shit but I honestly wonder if they *like* each other right now.

- I haven't watched Bones and House in so long. I kind of miss them and I kind of don't. I'm thinking one day I'll read something and think, 'Fuck! Spoilers. I didn't want to know that ... now I have to catch up and try and forget that I know that that happened. Dammit. Why'd I stop watching? Ugh.'

-I was going to ask you what the hell happened to OTH and then I saw a promo for it and so I didn't you know, ask. :p I'm kind of meh about it. I still enjoy it, I guess I just miss Peyton and Lucas A LOT.

- And in conclusion. Why isn't Chad Michael Murray's stupid face on my tv?
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Flash Forward. I have a question. This is the question )

Also. Uhm, I forgot what I was going to say. Huh.

Also also. I can't believe there's only 9 (or 8 now, I suppose) eps of Lost left. Holy fuck. There ain't no way they'll be able to answer all the questions.

I wonder if there'll ever be a movie.
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I enjoy this show. Yes.

Does anyone have the theme song for it? Or know what it is so that I can go hunt it down?
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I sorta half assed watched The Vampire Diaries before Supernatural.

After Supernatural I changed the channel to watch The Mentalist before it started The Vampire Diaries was just ending.

Just changed the channel again to watch CSI and Grey's Anatomy and uh, the Vampire Diaries is just ending.

It's on again on another channel too.

Uhm. The show isn't that good to be on all the time. (imo, of course)
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- Finished the last ep of Tru Calling yesterday. I have questions! I want answers. Come back, show.

- Sometimes I'll stand in the kitchen and eat my food (today a bowl of instant oatmeal) while balancing on one leg. I don't know why.

- The fridge in the house is broken. This isn't good. I think maybe we're getting a new one today. I hope we are.

- Watched the first ep of Party Down. I don't know how I feel about it.

- There's something about Jane Lynch that I don't like all that much. She seems to play similar characters which makes me think that she can't act she's like that in really real life and I think she'd get annoying right quick.

- Some people have passwords to their photobucket accounts. I tried to 'hack' in using the password 'jeff' and then I tried again with 'geoff'. Oddly, neither of them worked. I don't understand this - I thought it was a universal password. :p


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