Jan. 25th, 2015 03:57 pm
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it's not even the end of January and well goodness, this livejournal got a bit hard again. oops.

I am quite looking forward to the CSI spin-off with Patrica Arquette, though I do still miss Medium quite a bit.
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I shed a lot. I'm often surprised that I am not bald, especially with the amount of hair that I lose when I wash it.

Often, after doing laundry and I'm putting the clothes away, I notice a lot of my hair on my socks. Socks, that have (obviously) been washed and dried, most often with a dryer sheet. I just don't really understand why all the hair ends up on my socks.



Jan. 2nd, 2015 02:30 pm
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and how are you? details please.
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after a very long time complaining about dry hands, i finally splurged. i bought myself some crabtree & evelyn hand cream. it's so fancy. so expensive (like, I know there's more expensive but) and wow! what average hand cream! so excited. so so excited to keep using it... bah. i'm glad i got mine on sale for $16 because uhm, no. like, maybe if i didn't have to wash my hands 754 thousand times a day because of work and the bathroom usage it might work, maybe. i've mostly been using it at night before bed, and still. my hands are a desert.

what i like that is affordable are herbacin kamille and glysomed both can be found at wal mart.


Sep. 1st, 2012 09:03 pm
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so. you clean.

you put things away. you dust. wash. vacuum. whatever it is you do, and/or needs to be done.

and it looks nice. and you say to yourself, 'fuck it. this is nice. I'm going to keep this place tidy."

all right.


how long before it becomes a mess again?

for me? a week or two.

and for those of you with children. I don't mean their messes, (toys and such) - that does doesn't count.

I still have some cleaning to do. I haven't vacuumed yet. And a few things need to be put away and other organized.


this time, I'm going to try for at least three weeks.


Aug. 16th, 2012 09:22 pm
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well, I've had beer and m&m's and it's really hot in here.
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That dress? (and sorry for the bad quality of the picture) is made entirely of freaking gummy bears. How much would Jensen want to twirl in that thing? (kidding ... I think, I don't actually know what he does in his private life) But. Seriously. I like to imagine him asking (read: kind of begging) Danneel to try on something like that.

There's an article about it here
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So. Life is dull.

Got caught up on some emails.

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Dear Everyone Who Replied To My Last Post,

Thank you for your input. One day in the future when I have some money, I think that I shall set up a Paypal account with my debit card. And spend money.

I was worried that I wouldn't be able to use my debit card (I have a credit card but I want Paypal for my debit) but according to the site, it seems that I can.

And lo, that is good.

Thank you. You're wonderful.

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Do you have a Paypal account?
Do you like it?
Have you had any problems with it?
Also with Paypal can you use a debit card instead of a credit card?

Do you shop on eBay?
Have you had a lot of luck with it?
Have you ever been ripped off?

Sometimes I think I'd like to use these things. But. I just. I just don't know if I trust things.
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Thank you all for playing with me!!!

I had to change my name on it because I'm playing with a "real" person and yeah.

But sometime I might come up with a random name. Because I don't want to use my actual name.
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Please play with me. Please?

I'm very bad at it. But I do sometimes give written hints.

I'm Micmezle on there.


Mar. 14th, 2012 12:58 pm
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[ profile] crystalchain informed me (and anyone else who was reading and didn't know) that Android phones will one day in the (hopefully near) future will finally get Instagram.

This pleases me because I wants it. I wants it real bad.

In the meantime I've discovered

And I'm having fun with it.

cut for random picture of the yard )

I like that there's quite a few effects, overlays and borders to choose from but the actual picture quality doesn't seem as good as Instagram.

Big Bang

Mar. 12th, 2012 07:17 pm
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I've seen a couple of you mention writing Big Bangs.

And it reminded me that I didn't read a single one last time 'round.

So, my plan is to read at least one this weekend.



Mar. 5th, 2012 06:55 pm
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There are times when I think, 'When I win the lottery ... '

And yet, I rarely buy lottery tickets.

I think that I'm going to win the lottery without ever buying a ticket.

I guess, I'm going to win the random, 'Hey, we're just going to give this shit load of money to you for no reason.' lottery.

I'm sure that exists.
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Saw a sign on a church the other day. Said:

Atheist: A person with no invisible sign of support.

please vote

Feb. 9th, 2012 09:35 pm
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Please go there. And "like" the video Requiem for a Dream (in 60 seconds...with puppets)

People I know (and people you know) are involved.

It's a click and/or 60 seconds out of you life.


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I had never heard of or seen this brand of pop before tonight. I bought it because I liked that it has zero calories, is low in sodium and has no artificial sweetener.

Then when I got home I read the back or well, the side of the can:

Recommended use or purpose: Vitamin C is an antioxidant for the maintenance of good health. Recommended dose: Adults: drink 355ml (one can) as needed. Consume up to 4 cans in 3-4 hours. Do not exceed 5 cans per day.


Why can't it just say, "Drink"?
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The other day, I was randomly thinking about how I would like to die. I mean, sometime in the distant future.

One thing I came to realize is that the thought of dying in my sleep scares the shit out of me. Also drowning. And I don't think I'd very much like burning to death.

Anyway. This is how I'd like to die...

It'll be mid-week. The day will be warm and sunny. Perhaps a slight breeze. I'll be walking down a slightly busy sidewalk. (I'm not yet sure of my destination) A person will bump into me and I'll feel a slight pinprick in my arm. I'll apologize to him/her (cos, I'm Canadian and that's what we do) and I'll turn my head to watch them for a moment or so wondering what sort of piercings they have or if they've left a pin in their clothing for stitching purposes before I crumple to the ground dead from poison. After the autopsy reveals that it was poison that killed me, people will wonder if it was accidental or if I was targeted. And if I was targeted, why?

So. How do you want to die? JSYK "in my sleep" won't be accepted as an answer.

+ + +

This is not about, "Well, if you don't like it, don't watch it. Blah blah bliddity blah." This is about seeing it through to the end.

I enjoy most of the many shows that I watch. But there are some (and at the moment all I can think of are New Girl and Terra Nova) where it's just, 'Oh, God. I have to watch this. Ugh.'

And that is one of the reasons why I would like to be paid to watch television. Who's with me?

+ + +

Well. I like the new comment page. And sure, not having a place for a subject line might be annoying in some places but I think I'll be okay.

I will be staying here. But if you want to friend me on dreamdwidth the name is the same. Just. Let me know and let me know who you are. Please.

+ + +

Thank you for the v-gift, anon. :)


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