Dec. 27th, 2014 06:36 pm
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okay, maybe I'm a few years late but,

I got myself a pinterest.

if you're interested. (hahaha)

it's mostly pictures of clothes I'll never wear,

and pictures of food that I'll never eat/make
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but at the end of january. there was-

12 movies watched
5 books read and
16 fanfictions read

okay. there were a couple more movies but i sort of maybe fell asleep / didn't pay much attention to them so i didn't count them.

all the books read were meg cabot books.

and there was more fiction but, well. i forgot to mark them down. or they were part of wips so, i didn't mark those either.

so better than i thought i'd be doing. but
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well, that was ... fun?

i can't get mega to load at all.

and yesterday, i got all little over zealous and bought a month of space.

fairly certain, i threw that money away.


also. a word of warning.

apparently, because of the way things are run, if the government sees things that it doesn't like or approve of, it's YOU they come after and not the company.

all that if you can actually get the damn page to load. the fuck?

anyone have any luck with it?

x x x

and in case you weren't aware.

hawaii five-o and once upon a time are new tonight.

but (for myself) they are not on at their usual times (obviously for h50).

i don't know how it is in your region.
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[at work]

"shouldn't you be working?"
"i'm practicing my ninja walk."
"... you look more like a ballerina."
"maybe i'm a ninja ballerina."
"i'll kick your ass and look good doing it?"

[at starbucks]

:standing at the sugars and cream area, deciding if i wanted to add sugar to my drink. there was a bit of a mess so i was taking napkins and just wiping it off:
:employer comes over with a cloth to wipe the counter area:
me: sorry
him: thank you.

[at bestbuy]

bought some itunes cards. because sometimes paying for things is okay.
finally got around to buying the avengers.

[at mcdonald's]

the new chocolate raspberry pie is not very good. not very good at all. :/


+ why is it so difficult to find a purse? i want a new one but yet, nothing is reaching out to me, none are talking to me.

+ i have a plus account at the moment. and though i don't really have the money for it, i might have to buy some time.

+ i miss icons. maybe i will if i do keep up with posting. we'll see, we'll see.

+ this year i've decided to make a list of movies watched, books read and also fanfiction read.

+ i imagine at the end, there'll be 3 movies, 2 books and 147 thousand fanfictions.
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I most likely won't but part of me wants to do that online scrapbook thingy. It just looks so pretty - well, the few that I've peeked at. I just don't change my layout often enough, or icons or just well, anything that seems to go in them.

So, I guess my question is this. Have any of you done the scrapbook with very little in it?

* * *

There is a Starbucks* maybe a minute (a walking minute) away from where I work. I don't go there very often because usually after work, I just want to go home. And should I want to go later, there's a Starbucks that's about 5 minutes (walking distance) away instead of the 10 it would take me to walk back to the one that is near my work.

Right. My point is, at the one near my work there is this girl that works there that sounds just like Joey Lauren Adams. And I often forget this but then I'll see her and get all giddy on the inside because I love Joey Lauren Adams. And sometimes I want to say something about it to her. But a) it doesn't really work if she doesn't know who JLA is, b) what if she hates her or c) some other thing.

Okay, there really was no point to that. :p

* There are about four Starbucks that are close enough to walk to from where I live. And yet, some people don't have a Starbucks anywhere near them. This isn't right.

* * *

I've known cats that enjoy licking plastic for no apparent reason but there is one cat in the house that enjoys licking bananas. She'll just jump up on the counter and start licking away. I stopped her once but then decided it wasn't really worth it, plus I don't care since I don't eat them. :p

Do you have a cat in the house that enjoys licking odd things?

* * *

Maybe you've been hanging out somewhere where this hasn't be pimped. [James Van Der Beek is here to bring you the “Dawson Crying GIF” and many more emotional faces!]

I love love love that he makes fun himself!

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smidgy06 = [ profile] micmezle = smidgy06 = a horse is a horse. of course.

I also changed my user info a little so that new people can know what they're getting into.

Right then.

Things to try ... to attempt ... to maybe change in 2011.

The weather. Wait, no. Uhm.

01. Take better care of my body. (the insides and the outsides)

02. Keep things organized. And neat. And tidy. (on the computer and also off)

03. Enjoy the good things a little more and let the bad things go a little more quickly.

04. Comment more. Maybe write more. Make icons more. Just basically more.

05. Use my time wisely.

06. Stop caring so much about what I think that other people are thinking about what I think. Or something like that.

07. Read a fucking book. Oh dear Lord, it's been forever since I've read a *book*. I don't even know if I know how to hold one anymore. (ps. That's a lie, I started reading one earlier tonight ... I mean yesterday. Technically.)

08. Get a massage.

And oh yeah, Happy New Year.

some stuff

Nov. 20th, 2010 03:02 pm
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It snowed last night. Boo. Took a couple of pictures around 1am.

* * *

Bought a box of Pot of Gold today. I've already eaten one layer. :/ If we weren't going out for dinner in the near future, I'd probably be starting on the other.

* * *

[ profile] jrs1980 is a wonderful wonderful brilliant person. She found a dl of the Mel Brooks - Bob Costas interview which just might be the best interview in the history of ever. It's only the mp3 of it so not quite as good as seeing Mel's expressions and gesturing but still. Pretty fucking damn great.

* * *

Unless linked I haven't looked at tumblr in months. I sometimes miss it but I'm on hiatus until SPN ends. I mean, ends for good whenever that may be, not just this season. I enjoy the pretty pictures over on tumblr but I really hate the motherfucking spoilers.

* * *

34 days until Christmas.
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Today ... Tonight is when I come back from my 'hiatus' and start posting at the daily comms ( dailyCortese, dailyMcCoy and J2daily) again. I've posted tonight's entries but meeeeeeeeeh. Right now ... Currently ... As I type, I'm really not in the mood for them. Maybe I should've taken a forever hiatus. Maybe I'll stop feeling like this in a couple of days.

* * * has been advertising a one month free trial so I decided to sign up for it yesterday. I'm fairly certain I'll be keeping it once the free trial is over. They have all the seasons of Arthur (the children's cartoon) and I have great love for that show. And I say, 'Hey!' (Hey!)'

* * *

I've made a few icons from last week's Supernatural ep. \o/ Maybe in a month after a few eps have aired and if I make a few from each ... and maybe find some other pictures floating around of other things I enjoy, I'll be able to post a batch.
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I bought a Cadbury Twisted today. I had no idea they even existed and though I haven't tried it I'm almost certain that it's going to be phenomenal.

'What the fuck is a Cadbury Twisted?' You may be asking yourself.

Well, let me tell you fictional question asker. It's a freakin' Cadbury Creme Egg in chocolate bar form. Oh, yes. Creme Egg.

* * *

I made caps from that video. Finally. Thank you so so so much to [ profile] crystalchain and [ profile] fromyourashes for your help.

Two different (and yet the same) sets (one large and one small).

First Set : 844 screencaps : 1280x720 : quality - fair

*click for bigger

Uploaded in four (4) parts [because Megaupload hates me]

* * *

Second set is basically the same as the first, less caps and smaller size - for those that might want screencaps but don't like large pictures or maybe you don't have a lot of room left. I dunno.

Second set : 787 screencaps : 480x270 : quality - decent

Comments would be nice if you download but credit is not necessary.
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Just so it's all in one post. And I'll 'memory' this one.

Please tell me who you are on tumblr.

... And go!
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I made a couple of icons.

a few more here

* * *

Reading my flist yesterday as you do and in a comm was "Update from Gino Graul's twitter" - because of other talk that went on yesterday my first thought was, 'Holy crap ... He's twittering about her tits?!?!'

Turns out I was wrong but I think it would have been fairly interesting if he had.
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I was thinking about this article the other day (If Twilight' Was About Dragons (And Contained More Fisting))

And that led to thoughts and images of dragons fisting each other but that just wasn't working for my imagination so it turned it into a dragon (male) fisting a unicorn (female).

Go on. Picture it. Change the sexes of the mythical creatures if you want. I'll wait.

S'awesome, right? RIGHT?!

I haven't seen a lot of actual person porn and what I have seen is mostly male on male and sometimes male on male on male - all in all I'm thinking actual person porn is basically all the same - some variations and twists sure but basically, yeah. So, I'm thinking if we can somehow gather these mythical creatures and talk them into doing porn we could make a killing. Or possibly be killed. I'm not sure which.

* * *

There are some people out there and maybe you're one of them who say things like, 'Yeah, I control my dreams. I just think about [THING] before I fall asleep and then I dream about it.'

I try that often and it does not work. At all. Ever. Maybe I'm being to specific with my thoughts. Maybe.

* * *

I'm using Padalecki, Jared and Ackles, Jensen as an example but I'm asking this about any and all 'couples'

If one believes that those two are together together (wink wink nudge nudge) but isn't batshit insane is that person still considered a tinhat?

Can I have a paper hat instead?
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[Supernatural. No spoilers.]

Sam: Dean, uh ….I wanna thank you.
Deam: For what?
Sam: For everything. You’ve always had my back, you know? Even when I couldn’t count on anyone, I could always count on you.

Dean: Well, that’s ‘cause you’re a freak.
Sam: Yeah, thanks.
Dean: Well, I’m a freak, too. I’m right there with ya, all the way.
Sam: Yeah, I know you are.

Dean: I want us to be together again.
Sam: ...I’d do anything for you. But things will never be the way they were before.
Dean: Could be.

Sam: No, I think you’re stuck with me. You and me. We’re all that’s left. So, if we’re gonna  see this through, we’re gonna do it together.

[snipped conversations out of order]

* * *

*Could Castiel have "gripped Dean tight and raised him from perdition" before Dean broke the first seal?
*Did Castiel know that Dean was down there? Was he aware of any plan?
*Did the other angels twiddle their thumbs and chant, 'C'mon, c'mon. Hurry up and break.' while they waited for Dean to break the first seal and then did they call Castiel over and say to him, 'Hey, there's this righteous guy down in Hell and he really shouldn't be there ... you know how paperwork is, would you mind going and getting him?" And Castiel so eager to please said, 'Golly. All right."  Then the angels all sniggered when he left, high-fived one another and said, 'This battle is going to be so epic.'

*What if Ruby had been an angel? A slightly naughty angel who was aware and in on The Plan but still. An angel.
*Would Dean still have disliked her as much? Or at all?
*Would Sam have trusted her like he did?
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Today I got about six inches of my hair chopped off. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet other than enjoying that a lot of the split ends/dry hair/blah bits are gone. Not all but most of them.

What is a decent tip to give to a hairdresser? This for a haircut that cost just under $20. (yes, I am cheap)

I bought The Good Humor Man, I've never heard of it but Jason Segel and Jorge Garcia are in it and I enjoy them. And I bought I'm Reed Fish. Never heard of this movie either but I like a good chunk of the actors in it. And also Repo! The Genetic Opera and Hell Boy II.

These were all previously viewed and it was buy one get the second (cheaper) one for a $1. \o/

When is LJ going to start on that 'Stalker Stalker You're a Stalker' thingy? (aka My Guests).

Oooh, I had a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks today. Mmm. So good. Thank you to whom ever it was that mentioned that they were back. I don't remember who it was. :/

Wow. My life is thrilling. :p
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Ok guys… I went back to Danneel’s people & asked about a myspace or facebook b/c I have been seeing alot pop up in FB. It has once again been confirmed that she doesnt have any Twitter nor Facebook accounts. So if you see one its NOT her. Please dont be their friend, b/c all we are doing on helping them to stay open & what we want is to shut them down!!! So please remove them from your friends & pass the word around! I will try to do that through my Facebook Group. Thanks!!

I have no idea who "I" is or if they really did talk to Danneel's "people" but if that up there is true ... I don't get why they would lie about it why not just say, 'She has one but it's for friends and family.' or something. Unless of course they don't know that she does have one. Or maybe the Danneel that people think is real is actually .... JENNIFER JASON LEIGH!  *cue dramatic/scary music*

* * *

He's a little bit delicate. Not as big as his friend the cherry, or as firm as his little buddy blueberry. The raspberry is a special kind of berrry. The kind that says "hey, gentle now ... don't get too grabby...I bruise." When treated right, who can compete with that luscious, juicy burst of flavour.

That little snippet there was in a grocery store flyer. And sure they're just casually mentioning raspberries that can apparently TALK but that doesn't matter, because in my head? I hear Jensen.

* * *

Get champion dong ritornello morbose

And that is a subject line of a spam email. What the hell? I don't know what it is but it sounds kind of painful.

yeah ...

May. 30th, 2009 01:28 pm
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Yesterday and today [ profile] karmicunderpath's been keeping me updated on Jared and Jensen's status and I've been keeping her updated on the status of my underwear.

By the by, what the fuck was Jensen thinking getting that eye surgery? *glares in his general direction*

Has there been any word or sign of Genevieve at the Con? I've heard that Danneel's there but she's locked in a closet or something. (It's possible I made that last part up)

All right if it's true that Danneel and Genevieve are at the Manns concert together, there'd better be some damn pictures. *solemn nod*
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twitter is addictive. holy christ, eh? follow me. I'm so exciting. (not really).

also my tv is playing Christmas movies. WTF?
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[ profile] darkmerrick was really nice and made my livejournal all pretty and she also made my dreamwidth look shiny.

*big fat glompy love to her*

* * *

I feel a bit odd when people friend me without commenting at all.

* * *

21 My Bloody Valentine
09 The Rapture

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket


* * *



I also like how I'm behind the times.
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With a large heaping of thanks to [ profile] cherryscott I'm smidgy06 over at Dreamwidth.

* * *

Watching a show last night I noticed that Kellie Martin now looks like Sarah Michelle Gellar's older not quite as pretty sister.

* * *

PG Porn : High Poon


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