Feb. 10th, 2011 07:34 pm
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Picture of Danneel that I posted on tumblr. Cut for size. )
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Because of this and that we now have faster internet until the 21st when we're switching internet providers.

Usually download speeds are between 50-56kb and sometimes 30+, and sometimes even lower. But with 'fast internet' it sometimes goes as high as 120kb (but still is at 50+ often.) I thought it would be nice. And sure it goes a bit faster but still not that fast. I want zip zip zoooooooooom faaaaaaaaast internet.

I'm hoping when we get the new stuff alll hooked up and in and whatnot, it's faster still.

* * *

Did you know (and you probably did) that Genevieve and Danneel both got their dresses from the same uh, designer. Woman. Dress maker type person.

I wonder if that was planned or if it was [insert over dramatic voice] one of the reasons why they did not attend each other's wedding. [/end over dramatic voice]

* * *

"The couple spent their honeymoon on a 10-day hike to Machu Picchu in Peru."

I like that it sounds like they hiked all the way to Peru from uh, Idaho I guess. And then they got there and said, "All right. Let's head back." Also, 10 days from the States to Peru seems pretty quick. They must be speed walker hikers.

Okay, perhaps it only sounds that way in my head.

* * *

Yes, I'm aware this has been posted before. But I have questions and comments now.

1. Is that Jon Lovitz?
2. That jacket looks really big on him. Well, the sleeves look like they're way too long.
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That made me laugh. Quite a bit.

Then it made me kind of sorta slash/ship them a bit.

I imagined them on the couch. Relaxing. Tv on in the background. Obviously both checking out twitter. Sophia decides she's going to go running and asks if Danneel wants to join her. Maybe Danneel's a bit hungover and says 'Maybe next time.' She just wants to hang out with her day old microwave popcorn and not move for awhile. Then a little while later Danneel tweets that she's going to do some yard work. I'm guessing she either thought some air would do her good and/or she wanted to make the yard all purdy for Sophia. Maybe have a backyard picnic dinner later.

* * *

I watched Megamind last night. And I enjoyed it. But mostly. Mostly, I kept stariing at Roxanne thinking, 'My God, you look like an animated Alexis Bledel.'

* * *

According to the new zodiac dates, I'm now a Pisces instead of an Aries. I think I fit being a Pisces more. My aunt was reading something today and it said that you don't have to change your star sign or whatnot. But I think I might. Or like I told my aunt, I'll be a Piaries.
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Do you know what the best thing is after coming home from a day at work and/or school?

Taking off your pants.

True story.

* * * *

There are a handful of Danneel Harris pictures here and on the other page.

Does anyone have them without the watermarks?

Also, if she didn't say, 'I carried a watermelon' at least once during that event ... Well, I can't deal with that sort of nonsense.
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628 1031x437 screencaps from The Back Up Plan. Quality is decent. Good for icons and/or other small graphics.

Two samples:

rar file. download here //comment for password. I'll send it via pm.
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Hopefully hi-res will be available someday. But for now, here's slightly bigger.

a couple more )

those folks

May. 5th, 2010 09:26 pm
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They're pretty much the same person. I mean, just look at that evidence. :p

Why hadn't I seen that picture before? And why is it in such crap quality? Can't the folks over at Buddytv afford a decent camera and/or a person who can take decent pictures?
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In case there was some one else out there who wanted to share in the disturbing.

* * *

I realized a day or two ago that Danneel looks a little grandmotherly in that outfit. Which, I love a lot since I need for Jensen to be a grandpa. And well, if this marriage lasts ...

* * *

This was found on some foreign fansite ... so, you know, already public. Anyhoo. Christ, he looks really pretty there. Like a lot.

* * *

Got all caught up on White Collar over the last few days. Good show. Two enthusiastic thumbs up.
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I like the hair. I want someone to come and do that to my hair, k?

I think she looks real pretty (she usually does) but her motherfucking eyelashes are pissing me off. Just ugh. Especially after she's been interviewed about her "beauty secrets" and mentions her eyelashes.

Jensen's face is my favourite in this one.
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I made a couple of icons.

a few more here

* * *

Reading my flist yesterday as you do and in a comm was "Update from Gino Graul's twitter" - because of other talk that went on yesterday my first thought was, 'Holy crap ... He's twittering about her tits?!?!'

Turns out I was wrong but I think it would have been fairly interesting if he had.


Feb. 15th, 2010 08:58 pm
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original. original.

[found via some hair stylist whose name I don't remember]
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Because sometimes you need to beat that dead horse.

Some of this is fact. Some of it is just what I believe. All of it is my personal canon. Even if it contradicts itself.

cutted )
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(this said with love and tongue firmly planted in cheek)

Danneel: Honey your fans are being mean
Jensen: They've been batshit for over 10 yrs now cant do anything bout it
Danneel: Ugh but
Jensen: What?
Danneel: Send me a pic maybe they'll back off
Jensen: If they see a pic of me? Tell them to check the 'net
Danneel: They havent seen any new ones
Jensen: You know I'm working right?
Danneel: Please
Jensen: Fine
[a minute or so later]
Jensen: happy now?
Danneel: You couldnt have smiled?
Jensen: No
Danneel: You're an asshole
Jensen: You love me
Danneel: I really do
Jensen: Love ya too babe
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Let's just pretend to like one another, at least until dinner's done

Not so long ago in a world that you live in, Ms. Harris and Mr. Ackles joined the Carlson's for Thanksgiving dinner. Mom Carlson uploaded a video of people saying things and a dog being molested - perhaps they were talking about the dog (at least that's what I got from it - I had the video on mute) - unfortunately this video was taken down because some whackjob decided that this very video proved that Jared and Jensen were a really real too blave mofo and don't you forget it! couple. :sighs: This is why we can't have nice things. The video didn't prove that Jensen and Jared are one. No, of course not. It just proved that Carlson fiddled with his hair before touching food that people were going to eat. Besides, Jensen's face often proves that he's very fond of Jared, there's really no need to twist something a mother posted.

[of course that's just my opinion, I could be wrong]

Right then.

I screencapped. The actual caps are much larger, much more crappier and very repetitive.
But I suppose they're all right for icons or other teeny graphics.
88 caps and a bitch ain't one of them. (or something)
zip file


Nov. 8th, 2009 09:32 pm
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he's still gay.
she could still do a lot better.
but on the other hand ... \o/
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Have we met before there's something familar about you
I'd like to take you home and get to know you better
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I want to be Pig's friend. I do.

I saw Zombieland today. I enjoyed it but not as much as I thought I would. Came home and watched My Sister's Keeper. And I liked that too but didn't cry as much as I thought I would. Hmm.

I can't make icons anymore. And I don't think ... am fairly sure that no one cares, which is good. I mean, I can still make them for myself I just don't have any motivation or active muse to make batches. Still, sometimes I kind of miss whipping up a batch and actually having people comment on them even if half the time I believe the folks are lying. (issues! issues! issues!)

I'm tired.

Dean Winchester. Screencap from the episode before last? I believe. I don't think it's spoilery but then before I see an ep I think that all photos are spoilery.
... )

I have an image of Jensen and Danneel in a truck (Jensen's truck, I suppose but not really really since I don't know what it looks like). She's got a t-shirt and denim shorts on. Feet up on the dash. Hair down. No make up. Perhaps she's smoking. Probably. He's got a t-shirt and jeans on. Casual. Relaxed. Radio blaring. They're singing along. Loud, a little out of tune. Laughing. Happy. Being dorks.


Aug. 24th, 2009 07:52 pm
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because I was sort of talking about it with [livejournal.com profile] fullonswayzeed
because I just posted it over at [livejournal.com profile] bitchied
because I hope her and Jensen play dress up together.
because I adore her.

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danneel and jensen
click for bigger || second pic from here [image heavy]

I really fucking hate how he looks at her (in the photos we see) like she's an insect that he's slightly amused and maybe intrigued by. Can he not look at her like she was his fucking friend at the very least? Why does it bother me? I don't know. But it does. Maybe else where he does look at her like he's not thinking about taking off his shoe and hitting her with it, I hope that's the case. It's pictures like these why I want HER to break up with HIM.


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