Jan. 20th, 2015 09:04 pm
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toby: drew.
andrew: it's andrew, actually.
toby: oh, right. and drew is short for what michael?


Jan. 2nd, 2015 10:09 pm
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"No matter what they tell you, time doesn't heal all wounds. When someone you love is ripped from your life, that scar stays with you. Forever."
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-hornier than a monkey with eight dicks.

-she banged into some low hanging fruit, now she sucks.

-can you shut up?
-don't think I've ever tried

-bo, i love you. i do.

dyson's son is quite attractive.
bo/tamsin makes me happy.
still don't care for lauren, but I don't dislike her as much as I used to... so far.

kenzi better come back.
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Gotham: I liked it. I think perhaps I would like it more if I knew more about Batman. Or anything about Batman. I mean, I know that basics that he's an orphan who fights crime. Blah blah blah. And he's got a butler. But like, the other people and such. Yeah, not so much.

Scorpion. I loved it. I'm sure it was completely inaccurate and obviously unbelievable and yadda yadda. But I enjoy shows like that. I hope it sticks 'round a while.

The Blacklist: It's nice to have it back. Nothing really to say on it.

Sleepy Hollow: Hello show! It's really great to have you back. Under the cut are some quotes from the show. Not sure that they're all that spoilery. But hey.

this cut. )
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danny: ...I want you to know I feel the same way.
steve: How is that, exactly?
danny: You gonna make me say it?
steve: ...
danny: Come here. [goes in for a hug] I love you.


Apr. 6th, 2014 10:08 am
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"Uh, personal question, Tom. Is it too soon for me to touch your socks?"


Dec. 30th, 2013 05:18 pm
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+ "You can't own posessions."

+ Tamsin/Bo make me happy.
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"but like dan savage says, 'it gets better' although, it hasn't for me so maybe that only applies to questioning teens."

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"Which makes me think that I could totally steal Harry Styles, kill him and stuff him. You take that how you want. I would love to stuff him. I'm just saying I wanna stuff Harry Styles!"
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"We all know that at a wedding, the bride is supposed to be led down the aisle by her father, given away. But Mariah's father is no where to be seen, it's almost like he's ashamed of her or something. But then, of course, Mariah gets up to the alter and we see yes, her dad is there, he's the groom."
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As I mentioned before I sometimes watch a lot of Family Channel and uhm, on today's Wingin' It (don't judge!) there was this...

The Principal: Serge, stop right there, young man. I've been hearing a lot of strange threats coming from you lately.

[scene flash to Serge's strange threats]

Serge: I'm going to rain on your parade and make sure the only umbrellas around are the little ones you find in those fruity drinks.

Serge: I'm taking you to the movies and I'm sitting infront of you with a big hat.

Serge: I'm going to force you not to use the letter d. Goo luck.

It's a little sad how much those amuse me.
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This is still one of my favourite quotes ever.

Carver: He doesn't just push the envelope, he tears it open and reads the letter.

I'm still looking for the opportunity to use it in real life.
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I'm trying to get caught up on OTH ... yadda yadda yadda

And during this conversation I was thinking, 'Huh, that's true. Wait, I already knew that. I mean deep down I guess I already knew that.' But still. Sometimes the obvious needs to be pointed out.

Julian: So, I've been thinking about this whole being happy thing, especially since I've been doing this documentary. And I feel like people get lost when they think of happiness as a destination.
Brooke: Like how do you mean?
Julian: Well, we're always thinking someday we'll be happy. You know we'll get that car or that job or that person in our lives who'll fix everything. But happiness is a mood and it's a condition it's not a destination. It's like being tired or hungry. It's not permanent. It comes and goes and that's okay. And I feel like if people thought of it that way they'd find happiness a lot more often.
Brooke: So, you think it's okay to be a little miserable every now and then even when you have great things in your life?
Julian: Is it okay to be a little hungry now and then?
Brooke: Happiness is a mood not a destination. I like that.

So. I think I'm going to stop reaching for happy. As much as I'd often like to be one of those content smile all the time folks, it's not my nature. I'll just take the small moments of happy when they come and enjoy them for however long it lasts. I hope.
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Got around to watching Kanye's Runaway. I uh, I don't get it.

"Your girlfriend is really beautiful."
"Thank you."
"Did you know she's a bird?"

I don't know how I feel about the words of his songs, I don't think he's a great singer but I do enjoy the way he sounds.

Yeah ...

* * *

In other news.

Lost Girl is getting a second season! *cheers and backflips*

Bo: Has it occurred to you that hanging around a homicidal freak might not be the brightest move for you?
Kenzi: Has it occurred to you that I'm capable of making that decision for myself? ... Homicidal Freak? God, you are so emo.
Bo: Excuse me?!
Kenzi: Learn to enjoy your shit already.

I need Kenzi on Supernatural. I need her to tell them (especially Sam) to "learn to enjoy their shit".
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Often times I wonder why the show had to go in the directions that it did and has. Why couldn't they have just kept doing the same thing they were doing back in S1. CSI has basically been the same since the beginning and it's been on the air for eleven god damn years. And it's still pretty frickin' awesome.

Not so long ago Langston said, "Let's go hunt some monsters."

I miss *that* on Supernatural. Sure, there are some monsters but it's not how it used to be.
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I'm tired and have a headache, I was hungry when I watched the ep. All of this might account for the really non positive review of this ep. Or maybe it was just not a good ep.

cut for spoilers for this ep, last night's CSI and tonight's Medium )
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Where do you get your good Lost icons from?

* * *

Let's say that you've downloaded a movie or a tv show. And you want to snip out a few minute clip of it to keep. What free, very easy to use program might one use? I used to have uhm ... something. Yeah, I don't remember what I used to have so I guess I should just end this sentence right about here. Or here. Wait, that's a second sentence and this is a third, shit.

Also, if possible this program should save things as the size they should be. I mean, the program I used before would cut out a two minute clip and it'd be about 50mb and that's not right. NOT RIGHT AT ALL, ya'll.

Yes. Pleh, please.

* * *

Hodges' version of an alcholic Brass was the funniest thing ever.  "No, I choose life." It's still making me giggle. And then this recent one with, [slightly paraphrased] "We can't do anything, they've layered up."  is making me laugh. A lot.

Why do I find it so funny? I don't know.

The Bubble

Mar. 28th, 2010 05:11 am
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Been watching The Bubble and I kind of love it. A lot.

Clive Anderson: Normally, the pizza delivery boy has his clothes on when he arrives at the door and then takes it off three minutes in ... so, I'm told. I've heard about it.
David Mitchell: You talking about pornography or experience in life?
Clive Anderson: I'll tell you after this thing, but I remember you from twenty years ago don't you worry.
David Mitchell: Twenty years ago, I wasn't legal.
Clive Anderson: I got myself off, if that's the right expression.

Ahhahahahahhaah. *ahem* I do love it when well known persons say inappropriate things on tv.
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Does anyone have or has anyone seen any hi-res pictures of Amanda Righetti from the F13 premiere?

Thank you

* * *

Guy: Are you sure Agent Cho because I can make one phone call and your career is toast.
Cho: That's impressive. The best I can get with one call is a pizza.

Hahaha. I love how deadpan Cho is all the time.
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[re: penguins swimming]

Johnny: But what's the point of developing that if no other birds can see that?
Stephen: Why would it want other birds to see it?
Johnny: Well, you're going 'It's magnificent.' It's swimming around going, 'Look at this. Look what I've done.' And the other birds are going, 'Look at that fucking idiot.'
Sean: We're the only creatures Johnny, who like to show off, I think. I don't think other animals like to show off, apart from peacocks and quite a few others come to think of it now ... In fact all of them.

* * *

Stephen: Why do women make the best fishermen?
Johnny: They're all descended from mermaids.
Johnny: And in 1654 they negotiated a deal with the octopus witch to let them also have their voices back.

* * *

Johnny: I had a dream about flying. [describes dream] He's explaining how easy it is to fly to his family, 'All you gotta do is open your arms and do this and you fly.' And then I watch my family fall to their deaths.
Stephen: Have you tried to interpret that, can you imagine what it might mean?
Johnny: I'll uh, probably kill them. In a rage.
Stephen: I think it means you're gay.
Johnny: Does it? Really?
[Stephen goes back to talking about pigeons]
Johnny: FUCK THE PIGEONS, Stephen! Sorry. Am I gay?
Stephen: [cracks up]


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