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Jul. 7th, 2014 06:10 pm
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so, like. i've only read three big bangs. the first one was a let down. and the other two were all right. but nothing is really appealing to me this time 'round and it kind of makes me sad. part of me is still 'omg! bb!' because all the epic. but i just wish the epic was appealing to me more.

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I hadn't realized that Big Bang started!!!! Big Bang is my favourite time of year! ALL THE STORIES!
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Because I like to keep up with current trends, today I decided to sign up and get a delicious account. :|

I've only added two stories to it so far, and I'm not sure that I'll remember to actually use it.

I think that people are using pinboard now, more so than delicious.

But I'm not sure that I want to pay for things.

My question is. Is there something other than delicious that doesn't cost money?
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a shout-out and a huge thank you to the first person who ever thought to write jared/jensen knotting fic. thereby starting the bestest trend in fiction ever. amen.

now, if more people in the one direction community would jump on board that would be bloody fantastic.


Sep. 2nd, 2013 06:14 pm
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fanfiction is bloody fantastic.

a sincere and heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who writes and shares their stories with us.


Jan. 29th, 2013 04:30 am
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when you're in the middle of reading fic and ao3 decides to stop working.

sure it was bedtime, at the time. but dammit.



Aug. 26th, 2012 03:53 pm
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often when I am reading fanfiction and there are british speakers involved I will come across the word arse and/or arsehole.

and yet.

out of all the movies, tv shows and stand up I've seen with british speakers, I don't know that I've actually heard one of them ever say the word arse.

ass, yes. asshole, yes. but not arse or arsehole.

I feel like I'm missing out.
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*bangs head against desk*

Why can't I write? I used to be able to write. The stories weren't necessarily good but. I could string a few sentences together.

And now? Now, I have ideas, I have images. I can see the story and sometimes I can hear the story.


These days, I have trouble going from one sentence to another.

Going from one to another in a way that flows well and is coherent.

And if I had that ability, if I could just string sentences together. I think I'd be all right.

Well, that. And the ability to describe things.

ps. I'm hoping that bitching about it helps.
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When you write stories, how do you do it?

Do the characters talk to you and tell you what they want to say and what actions they want to engage in and such.


Do you force them into situations, tell them what to say and how they're going to say it?

Can you feel the story as you're writing or do you feel it after? Do you feel your story at all?

Tell me all things about how you write, please.
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There is a prompt drabble challenge extravganza going on over at [ profile] teenwolf_slash here.

And so far I've written a couple silly Derek/Stiles drabbles or well, a drabble and a fictional conversation.

I feel good about this because a) I've been wanting to write something for awhile now (and when I say "write" I mean my silly little things that I write and not like an epic story) and b) people are replying which for me is almost always surprising and lovely

Come join the fun!

Do it! Do it now!

+ + +

I miss the days when there was a convention and my flist would be FLOODED with pictures of Jared and Jensen. There was a convention this weekend and my flist is DRY! Or, some expression of words that implies that there are no new pictures of Jared and Jensen. Jesus Christ, people!

*over dramatic cry*

I still really enjoy looking at Jared and Jensen.

Are people not going to Conventions? Not taking pictures? Not sharing them?

I don't understand!
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I had plans to read a book and maybe watch a movie this evening but yeah, no. All I've done is read Derek/Stiles porn. Nnnnngh. Oh, sweet Jesus! I love them so much.

The growly (slightly) older werewolf in love and lust with the dorky high school boy? "It's rather poetic. In a maudlin sort of way."

I just want to roll around in all the porny Derek/Stiles goodness and then maybe even read some of those PG13 types.

I even posted a prompt on the (at the?) Teen Wolf Kink Meme (even though it's not that kinky at all) ... I've never posted a prompt on the SPN one.

What I'm driving at is. I don't wanna go to bed! I don't want to get up for work tomorrow! I just want to read all the shiny fanfiction. /whines.


Jun. 20th, 2011 06:35 pm
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Thank you for the Big Bang recs. :)

Big Bang

Jun. 17th, 2011 04:53 pm
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Have any 'fun' (as in no dark themes) Jared/Jensen AUs been posted? Preferably with some porny goodness.

big bang

Jun. 27th, 2010 08:50 pm
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What Sam/Dean BB have you enjoyed? I think I'd like to read one now or at least get started on one before bed. I'd prefer one that was full of porny and plotty goodness. What would you recommend?
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That is the same tux/suit thingy, yes? Just with a bow tie and not a tie tie.
Why does Clif look like a hamster in the first photo and like he's aiming for "thug" in the second?

* * *

When I saw this photo I was reminded of [ profile] kashmir1's fic only in her story Jared was the pregnant one.

And if you haven't read it? Go and read it.

* * *

[ profile] crackedbuthappy was talking about Sarah Shahi the other day. Yadda yadda yadda. I found my favourite picture of her. It's behind a cut because it's large. )


Nov. 2nd, 2009 08:29 pm
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What is your favourite porny (well written), kind of plotty (well written), sort of long Sam and Dean fic of the moment?

Has there been any new (or newish) Jared and Jensen long and epic fic posted that you've enjoyed?

Please provide links.

j2 au

Jul. 16th, 2009 01:17 pm
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Has anyone written or does anyone know where one might find a J2 AU based on Ten Things I Hate About You?

please and thank you.
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Jensen falls in love with Sam. (Not an AU)

It's about a week into filming the pilot and they're breaking for lunch.

Jensen says, 'So, I'm kinda gay.'
Jared smiles, raises an eyebrow. 'Just, 'kinda'?
Jensen sighs, relieved. 'Okay. Mostly. 96 percent.'
'You seeing anyone?' Pauses before, 'Hey, I thought you had a girlfriend.'
'Nah, there's just a girl who's a friend. And no. Not seeing anyone.'

* * *

'You look, I dunno ... You look smitten, Jensen.' Jared teases.
Jensen smiles. Walks away without saying anything.
Jared catches up, puts his hand on Jensen's shoulder stopping him. 'There a new guy?' He asks.
'No. Er, well there is someone but I don't think he knows I'm alive.'
'That can't be true. Tell me about him.'
'He's perfect, Jared. Tall, strong and beautiful with an old soul.'
'He gotta name? A job?'
'Sam. He uh, he hunts.'
Jared stares at Jensen, not sure if he's hearing what he's hearing. Waiting for the punchline.
'I'm going to my trailer,' Jensen says after Jared doesn't say anything. 'I'll see you later?'
'Yeah. Yeah. Of course.'

* * *

It's about a month later when Jensen brings up Sam again.

'Dude. You should've seen Sam today he was amazing.'
Jared laughs. 'I know, I was there.'
Jensen cocks his head to the side. 'You were? Why didn't you come say, "Hi."?'
'Are you all right?'
'Yeah. Why wouldn't I be?'
'Jensen? You do know that I'm Sam, right? I mean that I play Sam just like you play Dean.'
'No. Sam is Sam and you're Jared.'
'Yes, but I'm also Sam. You're Jensen and Dean. I'm Jared and Sam.'
'You like him, don't you?'
'Like who?'
'I uh, I don't hate myself.'
'You want him to like you and not me. You're not even gay!'
'Jensen! Listen to me. I AM Sam.'
'No, you're an asshole.'


Someone write that for me, okay? But you know, better and more details and more plot! I don't know how it reads up there but in my head it's a little bit sad. Kind of twisted and slow. Clearly, Jensen is a tad bit delusional. He understands that he's Jensen and Dean but when it comes to Sam and Jared they're two totally completely separate people and he doesn't pay attention to the fact that he's never seen the two of them together. And he falls in love with Sam. 'Course he can never be with Sam, obviously.

Please. It could be a good story. *encourages someone ... anyone*

big bang

Jun. 13th, 2009 03:35 pm
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I just looked at the BB schedule and erm, there's no fic posted on the weekend? What? Why? That is unfair to me and my wanting to devour MOAR FICTIONAL GOODNESS. *pouty face*
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[ profile] rustydog posted some pictures of her trip to the zoo and there's giraffe porn or just mating, however you'd like to view it. :p

The pictures are gorgeous.

* * *

*makes grabby hands at the big bang fics* Hurry up. I'd like to read a lot of you.


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