Mar. 27th, 2010 05:51 pm
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still crappyish quality but at least the watermark isn't across their face
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jared padalecki,actor/actress: other
Does anyone have that Jared pic in better quality? And yeah, them boys should hang out at bars. And lean. Together.

Sometimes I don't really pay attention - did this happen on the show? Or not this exactly exactly but something like it?

I think her and her boobs look friggin fantastic in this picture. However, I think I'd like the picture that much more if she were dirty.

mccoy, s.

Oct. 6th, 2009 08:26 pm
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Sandra McCoy: You just gotta let people be people and not judge.
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but really it's about the fine art of stalking.

jared padalecki

So, there's that picture with the fan and his wanting (I'm assuming he's wanting) Jared's signature.

But before that picture there's this one -

where you can see the foot and a bit of the leg of stalker boy. Just waiting around the corner, like he's been there for hours (maybe even the whole day) just fucking waiting for Jared to show up. He's planned his whole day around Jared's arrival and he's tired, hungry and needs to pee so fucking badly but god dammit he is not leaving his spot until Jared shows up. And he will get that signature so that he can rub in the face of all this friends (they're not really his friends - they're actually assholes who only pretend to be his friend and they mock him a lot behind his back and a little to his face) who didn't believe that he would be able to meet Jared.

Good on you, Stalker Boy, I say. Good on you.

uh, hi?

Jul. 12th, 2009 08:47 pm
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A few people friended me today. I'm going to go out on the assumption limb and assume it's because of the pictures. I like the friendings, because new people are shiny but as for me posting pictures like the ones today? That doesn't happen very often at all. So uh, yeah.

Stay if you'd like, make yourself at home etc. etc. but if you're just here for pictures you may be disappointed.

* * * *

jensen ackles
Couldn't the person taking the camera have angled himself/herself differently so that s/he got both Jensen and Kim in the shot? I don't know the other guy so I don't think I care about him.

eta: Okay, that guy happens to be Robert Singer. Still, I think that Jensen's prettier and if Singer really needed to be in the picture I'm sure the person taking the picture could have gotten all three of them in there.

jared padalecki
He's so pretty. And cute. And pretty cute. This picture came in black and white if anyone has or knows of a coloured one out there please let me know.

jensen ackles
Ahhh. This is one of my favourite Jensens. I enjoy so much when he's just being 'normal'. Instead of when he acts like he knows he's hot shit but pretends like he doesn't/isn't but then he overacts like he is. Maybe he's trying for ironic ... possibly moronic. :p  (don't worry, that makes sense in my head). Then there are times when I find it amusing when he acts like a dork but sometimes it's overdone and it hits my embarrassment squick and I'd just like for him to stop. So yes, this. This picture I like. Also, I like that he's touching his hand.
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[ profile] rustydog posted some pictures of her trip to the zoo and there's giraffe porn or just mating, however you'd like to view it. :p

The pictures are gorgeous.

* * *

*makes grabby hands at the big bang fics* Hurry up. I'd like to read a lot of you.


Jun. 3rd, 2009 10:24 am
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So if this

jensen ackles

was Jensen laughing and having a gay* ol' time. Then this ...

jensen ackles

must be what he looks like when he's not laughing and not having a gay ol' time.

* I mean gay in the happy sorta way not the homosexual way

* * *

Not so long ago in an interview when asked about his girlfriend Jensen said something along the lines of, "It feels like two years." or some other combination of words that made it sound like a prison term. (I really didn't care for his choice of words).

More recently Jensen mentioned that he got a call from his girlfriend a couple of years ago saying that she'd bought a puppy and he knew that he was going to have to take care of it.

So, uh ... are they staying together for the sake of the doggie dog? :p
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I've come to the conclusion that Sam exorcising demons with his mind is [almost] equivalent to the Carebears and their "Carebear stare." (You know it's true) And no one, except the bad guys, tried to stop the Carebears from getting rid of the bad/evil when it was affecting the innocent people.


* * *

Pictures. I like them. Though I'm not really sure what is up with Austin's wonky wonky eye.


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I'm either a little bit awesome or really really pathetic.

I was looking at pictures of Erica Durance.

And my first thought was, 'Huh, she looks a little like Liv Tyler there'. Then I thought, 'Hey, I know that guy!'

Yeah ...

For a moment or several I thought he was a wicked good stalker until I realized it was just the same event. But where are the pictures of Jensen and Erica together? Where are the pictures of the Smallville cast together? Are they out there? I haven't actually looked. I'm assuming others from the show were there. Maybe?
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* * *


Jensen: Get out of my dreams, get into my car ... Seriously, get into my car. Bitch, don't make me smack you. Get into the fucking car now.
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Yeah, it just makes me laugh. Perhaps more than it should. Probably more than it should.

He looks like he might throw up.

I would pay ten bucks to see him "boogie" in rollerblades though I would prefer rollerskates.

Does anyone have this in better?
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I just noticed the "girls" and "boys" all over the shirt. I think there's a subtle message buried in there about how a lot of actors are supposed to act straight. *nods* (ps. not really)

a) I don't think Jared knows how to operate his hands/fingers
b) I think his toes are the same size as my fingers

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- Jared Padalecki
- 18 pictures
- crappy screencaps (capped by me)
- featuring others
- includes a picture from F13

Hai Jared )

- Chad Michael Murray:  I love Jared. I could never say anything bad about Jared, he's just such a positive outgoing human being.
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Jensen Ackles
11 pictures
Shitty screencaps
But oh, if they were better ...

featuring Jared Padalecki )


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