Dec. 27th, 2015 09:02 pm
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gosh, I cannot wait for the new year. then I get to pretend for a month or two that I'm going to be pretty decent at lj.


well like

Dec. 26th, 2014 08:05 pm
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it starts off so easy. you make a post here. you make a post there.

- ei-ei-o everywhere a post post.

- he'll make a post. she'll make a post. we'll all make posts. it'll be anarchy!

- [insert your own]

and it's okay. it's quiet and kind of lonely.

but let's be honest. it's lonely on all the places, I mean for me.

for others the internet is a hustling bustling metropolis of friends and fun.

and while I'm okay at making friends. I am horrible at keeping.

also, not that great at converstating. but like whatever.

sometimes I deal with it, sometimes I don't.

the point is.

... okay, I have no idea what the point is.
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can you? I mean, I'm sure there used to be away to schedule entries. But I'm not seeing how to do that anywhere. Pleh.


May. 15th, 2014 09:42 pm
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holy crap. what've they done to livejournal? and after all these years, why is livejournal still underlined in red? i think i might like it? maybe? ... uh, like the new layout, not the fact that livejournal still doesn't know that it's spelled correctly on its own site.
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I think that if I still want to change my username after I've finished going through and fixing up my livejournal, I shall. Maybe. I'm currently going through 2007. So, it'll be awhile yet.

1. Oh, wow. Do I miss how we all used to talk around these bits.

2. I MISS YOU. ♥

3. All the pictures that have been removed/deleted for some reason. :CRIES:

4. That is so annoying.

5. Maybe I'll just start spamming livejournal, like I used to. Not like anyone's around to get annoyed by it.

6. Sad face.
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Why does it have to cost money to change your name on livejournal? I sincerely feel that it should not cost monies.

... Why do I want to change my name when I'm basically never here and people would not know who I am anymore? I honestly don't know. I'm just currently feeling like I really want to change my name.
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--second verse same as the first.--

Been doing a bit of cleaning up on the ol' livejournal.

Unwatched/stopped following a bunch of communities, those that I'm no longer interested in and/or those that haven't been active in years.

And as always, trying to organize/fix my bloody tags. Everytime I think I've put a dent into that, I realize how very wrong I am.

If there is anyone reading this who can help me (read: tell me) how to remove a tag from Semagic, that would be appreciated. I used to know how. I thought, that you just went over to the side there and clicked on the uh, "clear tagslist" button and then when you hit "update" it'd be back to how it was, with the no longer used tags removed. But alas, that doesn't seem to be working.

I'm probably going to change a lot of entries, the ones from years back, so that they're "private". The other day [livejournal.com profile] santacarlagypsy mentioned that she had mass deleted most of her entries, and that seems very tempting, though I think if I did that, I'd eventually regret it.

Eventually, I'm probably going to do a mass unfollowing. But like, only to those who haven't updated in YEARS. Though, I'm not quite sure of that because being the first to unfriend/unfollow a mutual is hard. Even if they're not really around anymore. Yanno?

Going through my lj is making me miss a lot of tv shows (Come back to me, Medium!) and is also making me miss making icons.
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the other day on twitter i mentioned that my new year goal was going to be post on livejournal at least twice a month. (i don't want to set my goals too high)

it's not yet the new year and i've already made a few posts.

either i'm building momentum or i'm going to run out of steam.

hopefully the former.

there's not a lot of activity on my end of livejournal so it makes it easy to keep up with.

maybe i'll be able to keep with that goal.

so uh. yeah.
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Sometimes I think I'd like it if livejournal informed you when someone memoried a post of yours. I think that would be helpful, at times.

I'm currently going through old posts and locking things up, and I don't know, maybe there's someone who has a post of mine memoried.


Jan. 4th, 2013 07:08 pm
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the most important thing I want to accomplish this year is get my bloody tags organized and fixed.
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I dunno. I kind of like the new "feed" page. I hate endless scroll on tumblr (and therefore don't use it) but. On livejournal? I'm sort of digging it.
Maybe it's because there's not a lot on my feed. And it's easy to just keep scrolling down a bit until I reach the last thing I read.
I know a few of you had said that you're moving on up. And/or over to dw. Or to other places. Or just leaving.
I'm sad to see you go. But. I'll be here until they get rid of livejournal all together.
It may be shit at times. It may be lonely without people posting all the time. The lack of comments and interactions has dwindled a lot.
It is home.

x x x

Cleaned out my inbox. Deleted most things. Put some things into those gmail folders. etc. etc.
I might've owed some people replies. Well, you're outta luck. Soz?
blah blah blah.
I got this great comment on one of my comms (that I never use)

My name is joy, i got you from /nicolanyappy2.livejournal.com and i want to have a
good relationship with you, please i need your cooperation,
you can write on my email (joymabou13@yahoo.com)
am yours joy.--

I really enjoy the "please i need your cooperation"
I checked out where she "got me from" and what? No, no she did not.
I mean, I knew I had never been there but thought that maybe for some reason my name had been mentioned but no.

x x x

I posted a whole five (5) times during the month of October.
Going to try for a bit more this month.

x x x

In conclusion:

1d is still ruining my life.
and nick grimshaw still isn't my friend.
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Slowly, really very slowly I am making progress on fixing my tags. Changing some. Deleting a lot. Etc.

My question for you is: Do you or do you know anyone who uses all 4000 tags?

+ + +

(good one.)

When I screencap, I like to keep every thing that is relevant to my interests. Sometimes that's a whole movie/tv show. Sometimes it's just an actor's part in said movie.

Lately, I've been screencapping 1D interviews because a) shut up and stop judging me! and b) I want to.

The point is, there's one One Direction fansite that I've seen that has a few screencapped interviews and for one of them there's about 40 screencaps.

I screencapped the same video and have over 5000 screencaps.

My question to you is: If you screencap, what do you keep?

+ + +

(I tried)

His stupid face is my favourite face
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Sometimes I'll get in the mood to fix my tags.

Get rid of useless tags.

Change tags.

Make tags more useful.


And one day, I plan on completing this task.


When going through entries.

It's very annoying to me.

When they're all over the place.

I mean some are. "Hey, here's what I thought about this episode of this tv show."

And some are. "Hey. Here's how much I suck and why."

But there are some. That are a combination of both.

Turns out I don't care for that.

Because I'm also flocking some entries. And making others private. Blah blah.

And well. My point is.

Even though, there's only like 20 of us around here these days.

I am trying to post more.

And it might be more than I thought. Because.

I need to start separating entries. Personal from fandom. The blah from the ehhh.


Maybe I'll stop typing like this.

But. Well. I don't know.


Jul. 2nd, 2012 01:55 pm
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a big fat motherfucking thank you to, [livejournal.com profile] thefrozenheart for making my layout all pretty.


#myfriendsareaces #itssopretty #mylayoutisbetterthanyours
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After many a year of not doing any friends cutting.

I cleaned up.

I got rid of a lot of follk who haven't updated in eons, who I don't talk to, didn't recognize.

And some comms that are no longer relevant to my interests.

If you feel that I have made an error in judgment well ... Hahaha. j/k. No one is around this fucking joint to notice.

In the somewhat near future I'm probably going to remove some more people.

However. There are a handful of you who are staying forever. I don't care if we don't really talk anymore and you haven't updated in a century. You are here for LYFE.

As always, feel free to remove me. But just so you know, there's a few of you out there ... well, if you do remove me. I will come after you. With a pitchfork and tears in my eyes.

All right.

Mar. 1st, 2012 05:15 pm
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The goal, the plan ... the hope. Is to post at least once everyday during the month of March.
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1. Still really digging the new comment area.

2. Apparently those with paid time are getting or have gotten 2 weeks paid extension.

3. I've just learned that if you go to your inbox you can bookmark comments! Oh, how I wish I knew that several years ago.

4. I'm waiting for the day livejournal allows you to edit a comment even after someone has replied to it.
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The other day, I was randomly thinking about how I would like to die. I mean, sometime in the distant future.

One thing I came to realize is that the thought of dying in my sleep scares the shit out of me. Also drowning. And I don't think I'd very much like burning to death.

Anyway. This is how I'd like to die...

It'll be mid-week. The day will be warm and sunny. Perhaps a slight breeze. I'll be walking down a slightly busy sidewalk. (I'm not yet sure of my destination) A person will bump into me and I'll feel a slight pinprick in my arm. I'll apologize to him/her (cos, I'm Canadian and that's what we do) and I'll turn my head to watch them for a moment or so wondering what sort of piercings they have or if they've left a pin in their clothing for stitching purposes before I crumple to the ground dead from poison. After the autopsy reveals that it was poison that killed me, people will wonder if it was accidental or if I was targeted. And if I was targeted, why?

So. How do you want to die? JSYK "in my sleep" won't be accepted as an answer.

+ + +

This is not about, "Well, if you don't like it, don't watch it. Blah blah bliddity blah." This is about seeing it through to the end.

I enjoy most of the many shows that I watch. But there are some (and at the moment all I can think of are New Girl and Terra Nova) where it's just, 'Oh, God. I have to watch this. Ugh.'

And that is one of the reasons why I would like to be paid to watch television. Who's with me?

+ + +

Well. I like the new comment page. And sure, not having a place for a subject line might be annoying in some places but I think I'll be okay.

I will be staying here. But if you want to friend me on dreamdwidth the name is the same. Just. Let me know and let me know who you are. Please.

+ + +

Thank you for the v-gift, anon. :)


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