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I shed a lot. I'm often surprised that I am not bald, especially with the amount of hair that I lose when I wash it.

Often, after doing laundry and I'm putting the clothes away, I notice a lot of my hair on my socks. Socks, that have (obviously) been washed and dried, most often with a dryer sheet. I just don't really understand why all the hair ends up on my socks.

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[insert lame noise maker sound]

it's a couple of days before the first that I'm typing this. and for at least a week, probably longer I've already been thinking on all the new year's resolutions that I want to try again and will most likely break again. you know. your basic: eat better, lose weight, be kind, stop murdering so many people, etc.

also, read a fucking book. jesus. some people (much better than I people) set goals of like 50 books or more a year and a few years ago, I could probably do that but now, it's... okay, I could read a book OR I could read this fanfic that I've already read three times.

and I'd like to take to take more pictures for instagram but like, I rarely leave the house (other than to work and do errand runs) and when I do, I feel like a knob (nob?) getting out my phone to take a picture. so. I'm thinking maybe #365days #cat and just take a random picture of the cat in the house.

I'm sure there are other resolutions and such. but can I remember them? nah.

october 31

Oct. 31st, 2014 08:34 pm
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tbh, I really don't like Halloween


Apr. 9th, 2014 06:34 pm
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There's a dog that lives down the street from me. I don't really know dog breeds, but I think he's a boxer of some sort or a boxer mix... And I'm sure that's not really important to this. Anyway, whenever I walk by and he's out in the front yard, I look at him and think, "Dog, I want to be your pal."

... That's it. That's the post. I want to be friends with some random dog.
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Walked down the street to a local hairdresser/spa type place. Said, I'd like my hair cut, please.

All right, they said. It'll be a few minutes.

How much do you want off, she asked.

A few inches, I replied.

Then several minutes later, a lot more than a few inches was gone.


I mean, my hair needed it. It was all dry and split-endy. And I don't think it looks bad. However, it's a lot shorter than I wanted it.

I just, I don't understand why they do that. Every time. No matter where you go. A couple/few inches turns into several inches.


At least it'll grow back.
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the store had chocolate bars on sale. so, I bought a couple.

and as I was paying for them.

the guy said, "okay, two energy bars..."

and I laughed.

because I am easily amused.
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my hands are so dry. stupid winter!

other than moisturizer does anyone have any tips on how to not have dry skin?
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[at work]

"shouldn't you be working?"
"i'm practicing my ninja walk."
"... you look more like a ballerina."
"maybe i'm a ninja ballerina."
"i'll kick your ass and look good doing it?"

[at starbucks]

:standing at the sugars and cream area, deciding if i wanted to add sugar to my drink. there was a bit of a mess so i was taking napkins and just wiping it off:
:employer comes over with a cloth to wipe the counter area:
me: sorry
him: thank you.

[at bestbuy]

bought some itunes cards. because sometimes paying for things is okay.
finally got around to buying the avengers.

[at mcdonald's]

the new chocolate raspberry pie is not very good. not very good at all. :/


+ why is it so difficult to find a purse? i want a new one but yet, nothing is reaching out to me, none are talking to me.

+ i have a plus account at the moment. and though i don't really have the money for it, i might have to buy some time.

+ i miss icons. maybe i will if i do keep up with posting. we'll see, we'll see.

+ this year i've decided to make a list of movies watched, books read and also fanfiction read.

+ i imagine at the end, there'll be 3 movies, 2 books and 147 thousand fanfictions.
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I pee a lot. A lot a lot.

You know how some people look at food and gain weight? Yeah. I look at liquid and have to pee.

So. At work, while some people go once or not at all, I go several times.

Right then.

The other day, a co-worker was talking to a couple other co-workers about my "leaky vagina"



I don't know where I was at the time, but man. I kind of wish I'd been there for that.
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I wish I knew where a shadowy government agency was. I could go there and say, 'Hey, I'd like a job.' And they'd be all, 'Got any skills?' and I'd be, 'Uh, yeah. I'm invisible.' and they'd be, 'Ace! You're hired.'

and then. I guess, I'd go spy on people? I'm not really sure how they work.
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I think that if I were to become famous (and I have no idea what I'd be famous for) I'd be disappointed if there wasn't fanfiction written about me.
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ps. it's my birthday on Sunday. please to be thinking about what gift you'd like to give me.

#justkiddingaboutthegift #butasmileorhugwouldbenice

:group hug:

Apr. 1st, 2011 10:19 pm
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Thank you for the birthday wishes, e-cards and v-gifts. I love you!!!!

Today for my birthday I got cramps! Oh, such a great gift.

And I got a couple of dvds.

Also my aunt made me this ...

What sort of mess am I looking at? You may be wondering to yourself. Well, that would be homemade cheesecake on a really thick delicious graham cracker crust. And on the side is some of the best caramel sauce ever. Oh, god. It was so good. I want more but if I eat more I would be ill.
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A few times (so far in my life) I've been asked if I have a British accent. And then once for Irish, Scottish and New Zealand. (ps. I don't have an accent)

Today I was told, 'You look British.'

I don't know what that means but I'm going to pretend that it means I look like royalty.
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[livejournal.com profile] donna_c_punk posted a link to one of them Personality Tests. I sometimes enjoy taking them and then reading the results and thinking, 'Hey, that is like me.' / 'I wonder if that is like me.' / 'I don't think that's like me at all.

I enjoy and/or agree with these bits here -

With you it's true that "still waters run deep," which is why many of your acquaintances never get to know you well.

You may be comfortable on your home turf, but you have a tendency to be self-conscious in an unfamiliar environment. While you're usually at ease with your friends, you can be a little skittish around strangers

You tend to hold onto your thoughts until you have something important to say, and even then you're not comfortable imposing your ideas on others unless you know they're truly interested.

but you don't see any reason to impose your values on everyone else.

You're a good listener, you don't criticize, and you offer unbiased, respectful, honest advice when it's requested.

You tend to be a "glass half-empty" kind of person, which for you is simply a realistic outlook. Your feeling is that this world can be a depressing place, and only a fool would think otherwise.
You do not waste your time searching for the silver lining in every cloud, nor do you believe it's your job to cheer up the people around you with happy talk.

the whole of it, saving for myself )

Most of this I think is more true to Real Life rather than Online Life because here? Here, I yammer and can be kind of 'social' But in really real life? Not so much.
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It’s Hot
By Shel Silverstein

It’s hot!
I can’t get cool,
I’ve drunk a quart of lemonade.
I think I’ll take my shoes off
And sit around in the shade.

It’s hot!
My back is sticky,
The sweat rolls down my chin.
I think I’ll take my clothes off
And sit around in my skin.

It’s hot!
I’ve tried with ‘lectric fans,
And pools and ice cream cones.
I think I’ll take my skin off
And sit around in my bones.

It’s still hot!

[I'm thislcose to peeling off my skin]
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First true story :
Ackles recounts, "Just the other night, when I was getting into bed, I picked up the sheet and slid my legs underneath and as I was about to put the sheet back down on my chest, a spider suddenly dropped down from inside the sheet, right next to me on the mattress and I was just like, 'What?' I got it with my hand, put it on the floor, and then stepped on it.

(some of you might remember me posting about it here and then asking many questions about it)

Second true story:
A few minutes ago I was picking up my basket of laundry to bring to the laundry room when I noticed a spider on a towel so I put the basket back down and was just like, 'Huh, maybe you're the spider I saw the other day.' I got it with my hand AND THEN IT PRETTY MUCH JUST FUCKING DIED THEN AND THERE. *ahem* And then I went to the bathroom and washed the spider down the drain and then washed my hands.


Why does this spider story of his hurt my brain so so much? It's been a long while since it happened or I learned about it and yet there are times like now that I'm reminded of it and ow. How big was this spider in his bed? How secretly dainty are his hands? Because, I just meant to grab the spider and then flush it down the drain but no, it died before I could kill it via drowning. Or maybe he didn't "get it" with his hand but instead just held his hand still and was all, 'Here spider spider spider. Who's a pretty spider? C'mere. That's a good spider.' until the spider crawled onto his hand and that's when he was all, 'Haha, let's see how fast you can run, fucker.' and then put it on the ground before he stepped on it.
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We have kitties in the house now. Had them for a little over a week now. The grey and white one is ridiculously soft. I want to save her fur and fashion myself a coat, only I'm not sure how to actually do that. Plus, with my allergies it'd probably end up killing me.


There was an ad online for free cats and my aunt's husband phoned and yadda yadda we got them. The lady brought over the cats, their paperwork to show that they've been fixed and such, food, literbox, and a huge ass scratching post.

They're (of course) still getting used to the place but they're really adorable and friendly and sometimes when petting them they'll roll over and sprawl so you can pet their belleh.


* * *

I went and bought myself a couple months of paid time for megaupload and I've recently discovered the magic that is "megavideo". I'm seriously considering splurging and getting a permanent account there sometime in the future. I like the idea of my files living for ever.

* * *

There are some days when I'd like to wear high heels or a least nice shoes and then on those days I look down at my feet and curse them.

My feet were not built for pretty shoes.
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Step 1: Post this into your LJ publicly.
Step 2: Others will reply anonymously about what they really think of you.
Step 3: Cry, because this meme is so brutal, and it hurts.

Mostly, I'm stealing and posting this because Step 3 makes me laugh. But I'm being a bit of a coward and flocking.
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I've come to the conclusion that my heart isn't a big ol' blood pumpin' organ but is in actual fact an emo gay fourteen year old boy.


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