Jan. 16th, 2015 08:31 pm
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okay, so I am glad that Supernatural is getting another season because I literally need for Jared and Jensen to be together forever. Forever ever ever.

but at the same time. oh god. oh. oh no.

can they please get rid of Castiel? *pleads and begs*
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for the first time in ever, I chose not to watch an episode of Supernatural.

based on the promo that I saw and the title of Fanfiction, I felt that I would not enjoy this one.

the convention episode nearly did me in.

I feel like this one would have killed me with the second hand embarrassment.

but while I was on twitter, I read good things? I think.

and Jensen apparently wants more J2 fic cos he's a fan or something.

maybe in the distant future, I'll watch this episode. maybe.
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finally managed to figure it out.

that kid that was on the last ep of Supernatural and we're all, 'Okay, where do we know him from?'

and everyone was, 'Duh, he was in that Bugs ep of Supernatural.'

and some of us were, 'Okay. But where else do we know him from?'

and they were, "..."

Yeah. Well.

He was on The Killing.

I'm going to assume that is where I know him from.
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Well, isn't that just fantastic.

Spoilers for season eight. And these spoilers are just based on bits and pieces I've read and/or skimmed on tumblr. I have not read or seen anything myself. So, I don't know how accurate they are.

spoilers )

And yes, I do plan on watching the show. I plan on seeing it through to the very very end. And I might not like a lot of it, but I will always like some of it.
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So. When do you think they'll bring in the angels and demons and just go nuts with that? :P

#bitterbitter #grimmlooksfun
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I've come to the conclusion that Emmett should have been Sam and Dean's long lost brother. He would have been so much better and a heckuva cooler and well, better looking. Only, I wouldn't want him to be dead and then uhm, whatever the hell the demon was pretending to be him. He should have just been.

cut for spoilers )
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As I mentioned earlier I am attempting to re-tag things in my comms. At the moment I am working on [livejournal.com profile] j2_daily.

If you have a moment or a few could you please go here - http://j2-daily.livejournal.com/tag/screencap

And tell me a) what episode the screencap or still is from and/or b) what season it is from.

Please and thank you. I'd really appreciate it.

And in a few days, I shall be back asking for help for all the behind the scenes pictures. Yay! :p
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Sometimes I like to fantasize that a conversation like this has taken place -

Kripke: Hey, Sera ... Remember when I told you that you were going to be the show-runner and you said you had plans for the show to be like how it was in season one? Yeah, when you uh, said that I thought you meant the first season of my fucking show and not some jacked-up crack version of Highway to fucking Heaven!
Sera: Erm, well ...
Kripke: If we get a seventh season, fix this shit.
Sera: Yessir.
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Just one more non spoilery thing about the episode. And cut! )
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So, there is that video of the TV Guide Fan Favourites going around. I only watched the Supernatural part and even then I only listened to a little bit of it. I have a couple things to say.

1. That comment about "filming in Canada and it's nice to know we have a lot of support ..." Uhm. What? He totally made it sound like they had no support and no fans in Canada. Screw you, pal!

2. When Jared is 'dancing' behind Misha? He so totally learned that move from Tom Welling. There's a gif out there somewhere that proves this.

3. I NEED A RIP OF THE VIDEO. I want icons!!! GIMME.

This is the video, you know, in case it's not posted sixty thousand times on your flist:

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What's a trip to Vancouver without a little Supernatural set stalking? ... Probably a pretty good one, actually.

Yeah. So.

I swear whenever I read (or skim - since I don't want to be spoiled - unless I spoil myself) other people's set visits it's always, "We had such a wonderful time. We spent an hour talking to the director and then Jared and Jensen came over and my goodness they're so wonderful. We chatted with them for so long and had lunch together and then we all played backgammon until they had to go back to work ... Oh, and here are some great high quality pictures we got with the boys. Golly, I love that set."* And when I go it's, "Please stand way back there, don't look or talk to anyone and you can't take any pictures ... And here! Put this bag over head." Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating but only slightly.

For Example.

[livejournal.com profile] karmicunderpath and I were there late Friday night. When we got there there were a couple of other people there. One woman was just holding her camera and they were talking to some guy (not sure who he was or what he did for the show) and I overhead him saying, 'Go ahead and take some pictures. Please remember to keep the flash off but other than that take as many pictures as you'd like.' A little while later I had my phone out to try and take at least one decent picture and some girl said to me, 'You can't take pictures.' I said, 'But the guy earlier said that we could.' I'm fairly certain that if she didn't have to go and do something she would have said, 'Uh, he said that other person could take pictures, he didn't mention you at all. YOU are not allowed.'


Right. So, I took a few pictures but they're all dark and blurry and not worth looking at so there are no photos under the cut but there is talk of guest stars. Not new guest stars but people that have been on the show before. So if guest stars are not spoilers in your book then there are no spoilers in this post. And this would be for ep 21.

and cut! )

* I don't know that I'd actually want Jared and/or Jensen to come over because well, I don't have anything to say to them other than, 'Hey, have you ever heard the expression Eye Candy should know when to shut its mouth? No? Oh, well you should maybe keep it in mind when you uh, open your mouth.' ... I'm kidding (on the square) Seriously, I don't have anything I particularly want to say to them.

I'm not a very good set stalker. If for some reason Lost Girl ever starts filming in Vancouver? I'd be on that like white on rice.
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I missed a lot of things and I understood even less so this was probably an obvious thing ... cut for a question )
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Also, I really enjoyed that there was a 'Hey! Wear a condom when you're having gay sex.' commercial during the show.


Nov. 12th, 2010 11:20 pm
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I don't smell a soul anywhere on you. Why do you even care?

You're on edge, you're erratic - except for when you're hunting, because then you're downright scary.

You don't ... have a soul! There is nothing good or clean in you. You are dead inside! You can't feel anything real!

You might kill an innocent man, and you don't even care!
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I'm afraid this is going to sound offensive and it's really not meant to. / disclaimer.

I was thinking about Supernatural and Sam last night and this morning and I've come to the conclusion that Sam Winchester is autistic* or Jared's kind of portraying him that way.

Wait, wait. Hear me out.

cut for 6x07 spoilers. )

* * *

I'm considering changing my name on this here livejournal. I'll probably wait until the New Year to do so if I do.

* * *

Hi new friends!

Yeeee more people to share the Lost Girl loooooooooove. *high-fives* all round.
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Because I've been so negative about the show lately ...

[in no particular order]

Favourite episode: Something Wicked
Favourite character: Missouri
Favourite guest star: Katharine Isabelle
Favourite Winchester: Sam Winchster (especially including Colin Ford's version)
Favourite line: "Oh thank God, a bracket, now we got 'em, huh?"
Favourite Sam and Dean line: "You peed yourself." "Of course, I peed myself. Man gets hit by a car, you think he had full control of his bladder? Come on!"
Favourite baddie: My future husband, Stan. YED aka Azazel
Favourite song: Styx - Renegade

* * *

What if Bo slept with Sam and after was a little bit evil? She does feed on people and even though I believe he is good and basically wants to do good Sam's got a little evil in him and yeah.

Also, I want Kenzi and Dean to hang out and play pool and her to make snarky comments about him and the way he hits on girls.
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Often times I wonder why the show had to go in the directions that it did and has. Why couldn't they have just kept doing the same thing they were doing back in S1. CSI has basically been the same since the beginning and it's been on the air for eleven god damn years. And it's still pretty frickin' awesome.

Not so long ago Langston said, "Let's go hunt some monsters."

I miss *that* on Supernatural. Sure, there are some monsters but it's not how it used to be.
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So, some spoilers for this ep but mostly I think I want to talk about the promo for next week's ep.

and cut! )
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...but not really.

- do you find yourself wondering why you're still watching Show?
- do you have issues with both Sam and Dean and miss the way they used to be? / Are you tired and/or bored of the Dean and Castiel Show?
- do you want Lisa, Ben and Castiel to GTFO?
- are you still holding on to hope that things will be explained in a good, compelling sort of way and that the writers will write better?
- etc., etc., etc.

Then please be my friend.

That is the type of friending meme, I would like to see.
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Willow Sam: That's right, Big Boy. Come and get it.

* * *

[this from a Bathroom Reader]

The real Dracula's ancestors were warlord princes of Wallachia, a principality in what is now Romania. Dracula's father, Basarab, was in line for the throne, but there were a lot of relatives in the way. So for the moment, Basarab had to settle for the post of governor of Transylvania. In 1431 he was inducted as a knight into the Royal Order of the Dragon. He started calling himself the Dragon, which in Romanian is Dracul. His second son, Vlad, was born a few months later, and the little tyke was nicknamed "Dracula" which means son of the dragon.

[yadda yadda yadda]

In most stories, it's the White Knight who rides in on his charger and saves the day. But this is real life. And this particular White Knight wanted more than anything to be the king of Hungary. He saw Wallachia as a stepping-stone, and the Dragon as an impediment. The White Knight killed Vlad's father, mother and older brother, and took the throne of Wallachia. When Vlad found out what had happened, he vowed revenge.

[blah blah blah]

He sometimes wiped out entire villages for no reason but he didn't just kill his own people. Foreign dignitaries and traders, monks, priests, Turks- everyone was a likely candidate. Travelers started to go the long way around Wallachia. It was during this time that the Turks named him "Vlad the Impaler."
Virtually any crime was punishable by impalement. Sometimes Vlad killed just because he was bored. He tortured and mutilated people, hanged them, burned them at the stake, and boiled them alive, but impalement was his favourite. It's estimated that Vlad the Impaler was responsible for 100,000 deaths.


Vlad was killed outside Bucharest in a skirmish against his oldest enemy, the Turks, but it's a historical toss-up as to whether he died in battle or was killed by his own men. The Turks decapitated him and sent his head to Constantinople, where it was put on display to prove that the man they had named "the Impaler" was really dead. His body was buried at a monastery near Bucharest, but disappeared. When archaeologists in the 1930s removed the slab over Draculas supposed grave, they found an empty pit. Think about it.


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