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"No matter what they tell you, time doesn't heal all wounds. When someone you love is ripped from your life, that scar stays with you. Forever."
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danny: ...I want you to know I feel the same way.
steve: How is that, exactly?
danny: You gonna make me say it?
steve: ...
danny: Come here. [goes in for a hug] I love you.
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"I'd ask you how the reunion is going but the body bag kind of gives it away."
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well, that was ... fun?

i can't get mega to load at all.

and yesterday, i got all little over zealous and bought a month of space.

fairly certain, i threw that money away.


also. a word of warning.

apparently, because of the way things are run, if the government sees things that it doesn't like or approve of, it's YOU they come after and not the company.

all that if you can actually get the damn page to load. the fuck?

anyone have any luck with it?

x x x

and in case you weren't aware.

hawaii five-o and once upon a time are new tonight.

but (for myself) they are not on at their usual times (obviously for h50).

i don't know how it is in your region.
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Oh, sweet Jesus! How much do Danny and Steve love each other?

1 2 3 ... Go!
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How can people sit in/on helicopters with their legs dangling off the edge? I mean, do that without shitting/pissing themselves or just freaking the fuck out?

Seriously, if you know. Please tell me.

Okay then. Big fat spoilers for the episode. They aren't in order. And mostly, I just want to flail and gesture.

spoilers )

Well, that's it for now. There is a very good chance I'll be posting a few (or several) times about this episode.

And again. Big giant spoilers for the episode in this post.

+ + +

That's so nice of him. My reply to me (if I were in his shoes) would have been, "Bitch, I know."
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© horrorwitheyeballs@flickr

+ + +

The last episode of Hawaii Five-O filled me with a ridiculous joy.

Steve and Danny make me happy in the face, heart and pants area of my person.

#heartseyes #prettyboys #loveyoulikealovesong
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a couple of spoilers for tonight's episode )

I have a couple more things to say but I shall wait until others have seen. I just wanted to get the shallow out of the way. Though, I'll probably mention it again. And again. Because seriously.
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This should be the last post about this episode. Well, at least tonight.

If you're on twitter you should start following @MasiOka.

So, just some random bullet point thoughts and whatnots - not in any order.

cut for spoilers )

#epic #don't call it bromance
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Fucking hell, people. Hurry up and watch the damn episode. I want to talk about it and/or read what you have to say about.
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I watched one of the promos for S2 of Hawaii Five O and well )

+ + +

There seems to a pause (I hope it's a pause and not a stop) over at that Teen Wolf prompt fic meme thingymabob.


I need more little drabbles to read.

I'm having fun writing silly and sometimes schmoopy drabbles.

*grabby hands*
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Under the cut is a picture that you should have seen by now if you are a fan of Hawaii Five-O. I am also sharing it because it is amazing. It's a picture of Alex and Scott sitting in their chairs and there's also another person with them who has been on the show before ... What I'm saying is, I'm not sure if this picture counts as being all spoilery or not. I don't think so.

the picture )

ps. If that is not the original picture please give me the original or link me to where I can find the orginal. Please and thank you.

ETA: was a manip. boo. sorry.

ETA: I guess this isn't the most amazing thing ever. But it's still pretty.
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Dear Enjoyers of the H50 Fandom,

Please rec fan videos and fanfiction.

If you rec fanfiction, I would prefer gen or Steve/Danny.



* * *

I saw a guy today. And he was wearing a shirt (as a lot of guys tend to do). His shirt made me giggle a lot. And it's still making me giggle.

Plain black tee. On it was a basketball, a soccer ball and one other kind of ball. I believe those were the balls on his shirt. And under it was written, 'I have balls.'

It's so stupid. And yet ...
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A couple actual spoilers for the season finale. cut )

I think I need to find some H50 icons.


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