Oct. 4th, 2014 06:47 pm
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can you believe that jared and jensen (and therefore sam and dean) have been together for TEN YEARS!?

with hollywood romances often ending in divorce and tv shows getting cancelled after a week. that is pretty darn great. and quite amazing.

good on them.

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Jensen: This is so stupid.
Jared: You mean this is so much fun.
Jensen: Dude, we're like thirty.
Jared: [laughs] No, I'm like thirty, you're like almost forty.
Jensen: Shut up.
Jared: The truth hurts sometimes.
Jensen: Hey, Jare? Why'd we have to jump the fence when the gate's open?
Jared: Because it's an adventure.
Jensen: You're very odd, have I told you that recently?
Jared: [smiles]
Jensen: I love you.
Jared: [kisses Jensen on the cheek before running ahead] C'mon, you're pushing me on the swing.
Jensen: Thomas is more mature than you are.
Jared: If you push me, I'll kiss you on the slide.
Jensen: Oh, you are so romantic.
Jared: [bats his eyelashes and makes an overdramatic kissy face]
Jensen: Tell you what. If I push you, and your big ass doesn't break the swing? I'll let you blow me behind the school.

+ Jared and Jensen go to an elementary school late at nigt to play on the playground and make-out a bit.
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Jared: Hey, Jen? We need to talk.
Jensen: [concerned] Of course. Everything alright?
Jared: Yeah, it's fine. I'll meet you in your trailer in five?
Jensen: Okay.
[five minutes later]
Jensen: What's going on?
Jared: Erm, well. [grabs Jensen and kisses him]
Jensen: [pauses a moment before kissing Jared back]
[and after a moment of heated kissing and some groping]
Jensen: The hell, Jared? The fuck was that for?
Jared: [sighs. smiles sheepishly] It feels like forever since I've kissed you.
Jensen: We're married Jared.
Jared: I know. But sometimes I miss us.
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© horrorwitheyeballs@flickr

+ + +

The last episode of Hawaii Five-O filled me with a ridiculous joy.

Steve and Danny make me happy in the face, heart and pants area of my person.

#heartseyes #prettyboys #loveyoulikealovesong
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There is a prompt drabble challenge extravganza going on over at [livejournal.com profile] teenwolf_slash here.

And so far I've written a couple silly Derek/Stiles drabbles or well, a drabble and a fictional conversation.

I feel good about this because a) I've been wanting to write something for awhile now (and when I say "write" I mean my silly little things that I write and not like an epic story) and b) people are replying which for me is almost always surprising and lovely

Come join the fun!

Do it! Do it now!

+ + +

I miss the days when there was a convention and my flist would be FLOODED with pictures of Jared and Jensen. There was a convention this weekend and my flist is DRY! Or, some expression of words that implies that there are no new pictures of Jared and Jensen. Jesus Christ, people!

*over dramatic cry*

I still really enjoy looking at Jared and Jensen.

Are people not going to Conventions? Not taking pictures? Not sharing them?

I don't understand!
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What? What what?
What video is this from?
And how can I get one?
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This is why I still watch the show.

Those set pictures that are floating around (that you've probably already seen). I've no idea if these are from an aired ep or one that hasn't aired. They are not spoilery.

Jared and Jensen )

Oh, if only Jensen were just directed to 'Look at Jared like he's the best thing that ever happened to you.' Dean would be convincing all the time.
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Best Thing, noun: that which is most aesthetically and emotionally, if not gastronomically, pleasing {so much so that you can't really find the right words to describe how wonderfully pleasing it all really is}

Christopher Robin said: "What do you like doing best in the world Pooh?"
"Well," said Pooh, "what I like best-" and then had to stop and think. Because although Eating Honey was a very good thing to do, there was a moment just before you began to eat it which was better than when you were, but he didn't know what it was called. And then he thought that being with Christopher Robin was a very good thing to do, and having Piglet near was a very friendly thing to have; and so, when he had thought it all out, he said, "What I like best in the whole world is Me and Piglet going to see You, and You saying, 'What about a little something?' and Me saying, 'Well, I shouldn't mind a little something, should you, Piglet,' and it being a hummy sort of day outside, and birds singing."


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