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Yep. Well, my life is still boring.

I go to work. And I look at pictures of One Direction. That about sums it up.

I've read 16 of this years J2 Big Bangs so far. Okay, I read a couple of them awhile back but still, going to count them. So, slowly but surely getting through them. I might eventually read the Sam/Dean ones, but I don't know.

And yeah, that's about it.

I still have comments to reply to, so I shall be doing that soon.

I hope you are well.
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I dunno. I kind of like the new "feed" page. I hate endless scroll on tumblr (and therefore don't use it) but. On livejournal? I'm sort of digging it.
Maybe it's because there's not a lot on my feed. And it's easy to just keep scrolling down a bit until I reach the last thing I read.
I know a few of you had said that you're moving on up. And/or over to dw. Or to other places. Or just leaving.
I'm sad to see you go. But. I'll be here until they get rid of livejournal all together.
It may be shit at times. It may be lonely without people posting all the time. The lack of comments and interactions has dwindled a lot.
It is home.

x x x

Cleaned out my inbox. Deleted most things. Put some things into those gmail folders. etc. etc.
I might've owed some people replies. Well, you're outta luck. Soz?
blah blah blah.
I got this great comment on one of my comms (that I never use)

My name is joy, i got you from /nicolanyappy2.livejournal.com and i want to have a
good relationship with you, please i need your cooperation,
you can write on my email (joymabou13@yahoo.com)
am yours joy.--

I really enjoy the "please i need your cooperation"
I checked out where she "got me from" and what? No, no she did not.
I mean, I knew I had never been there but thought that maybe for some reason my name had been mentioned but no.

x x x

I posted a whole five (5) times during the month of October.
Going to try for a bit more this month.

x x x

In conclusion:

1d is still ruining my life.
and nick grimshaw still isn't my friend.
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I get topbox. Which I really quite enjoy. Usually, there's something in it that's worth more than the 11.20 (taxes included) it costs.

Do you subscribe to any of them? Are you happy with it?
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I legit feel sorry for all those that have One Direction (and all their names) black listed on tumblr.
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Today I ...

shaved my legs
cleaned a little
read fanfiction
watched Thor and some television

Could my Saturdays get any more exiciting?
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Bill Engvall: We tried playing Scrabble one night. Oh, what a joke. She's putting down words like corpuscular. I'm like that ain't even a word, she goes look it up - 500 points. I'm putting down words like et. She's like what is 'et'? I'm like, 'He et his biscuit' past tense I believe, sweetie.

I didn't think that I'd ever download Words With Friends because well, my vocabulary is poor to non-existant and I've come to the conclusion recently that I am just not good at games in general. Any game. All games. Not good.

But then yesterday on Twitter when [livejournal.com profile] ames1010's said [paraphrased] 'Anyone wanna play Words With Friends? You'll win.' I thought, well that there is a challenge I have to accept.

So, I downloaded. And at the moment I am actually in the lead which is very surprising. Very. I'll be even more surprised if it ends that way.

Yadda yadda yadda

Wanna play Words With Friends with a 95% chance you'll win? I'm Micmezle on there.
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About a week or so ago [livejournal.com profile] enablelove posted a link to a video and said, 'Is there a download for this?' and I said, 'Well, here's a crappy avi download link.' She said, 'Thanks!' and I said, 'You are welcome.' (well, not all of those exact words but that sums it up)

So. That should be one person who downloaded it.

Only according to Megaupload 18 people have downloaded it. Since I'm fairly certain that [livejournal.com profile] enablelove didn't download it 18 times. I'm what one might call "annoyed".

I don't mind that other people have downloaded the file but is it honestly that hard to say, 'Oh, I'm taking this too!' or 'Hey, thanks!'

I know that when I see something I want to download I'll comment with a "I'm taking this as well, by jiminy! Thanks a bushel.' or I'll ask the person if it's all right that I download whatever it may be.

Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

Next time, I'll just pm the person with a link to shit.

* * *

Speaking of Megaupload, I found out today that there is a whole Megaworld. I had no idea. I've checked out megabox (which is meh) and I've uploaded some pictures to megapix (which is all right and will work in a pinch - if other sites are down) but I'm not sure of the others.

Have you used any of the others? What are they like?

* * *

I asked this before but alas, no one answered. Perhaps this time someone will.

Those with the Samsung Galaxy S - what apps do you have? What's good? What is needed? And is there a media player for such a phone that will play downloaded (or uploaded) videos?
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That made me laugh. Quite a bit.

Then it made me kind of sorta slash/ship them a bit.

I imagined them on the couch. Relaxing. Tv on in the background. Obviously both checking out twitter. Sophia decides she's going to go running and asks if Danneel wants to join her. Maybe Danneel's a bit hungover and says 'Maybe next time.' She just wants to hang out with her day old microwave popcorn and not move for awhile. Then a little while later Danneel tweets that she's going to do some yard work. I'm guessing she either thought some air would do her good and/or she wanted to make the yard all purdy for Sophia. Maybe have a backyard picnic dinner later.

* * *

I watched Megamind last night. And I enjoyed it. But mostly. Mostly, I kept stariing at Roxanne thinking, 'My God, you look like an animated Alexis Bledel.'

* * *

According to the new zodiac dates, I'm now a Pisces instead of an Aries. I think I fit being a Pisces more. My aunt was reading something today and it said that you don't have to change your star sign or whatnot. But I think I might. Or like I told my aunt, I'll be a Piaries.
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I've decided to subject you to the horror of this book one more time because a) I like sharing, b) not only was it confusing and badly worded but sometimes it was lame and c) I decided that I needed a "Mark cried" tag and when I'm going to use that? And I think there is a good place to end a sentence. Right then. Some more bits from various stories.

"Stop that biting thing," Peter said. She snapped her jaws. A small animal with dark fierce eyes.

"I just want to bite all this slow air around things."


He looked across the wide table at Jilly and tried to figure out the color of her eyes. They were cement with pieces of glass. In dreams, the shadow under her eyes flew off her face and settled in his ear, telling him things that bothered him and made him want her near him. A feeling that stayed with him when he was awake.

01. That first bit made me think that Jilly was a dog but no. Just some girl who wants to bite at the slow air ... Whatever that means.
02. That dream sounds kind of disturbing. Couldn't the author just say, 'I think I fancy this girl.'?

That morning in bed we were too wired to sleep so we watched an early movie. A black and white I couldn't follow. There were people, men and women. They gazed past each other and laughed and cried. Children didn't exist. They walked up a hill and entered a lush valley. This meant the movie was over. They looked at each other, embraced and moved apart.

01. This movie sounds worse than that movie with the dog.

With her blonde hair pulled back she looked good enough to look at.

01. "looked good enough to look at." I think that is by far the best description I have ever read. Ever. I don't write often but I'm seriously considering adding it to any and all drabbles and fictional conversations that I write.

Part of the hill went right up to the top of Future House. I climbed up to the third level and looked in to see the master bedroom. He was lying there and he was pulling at it. In the champagne glass with his pants around his knees.

01. All right, I'm on board for the Realtor (that's who it was, I'm fairly sure) jerking off in the master bedroom of this "Future House" but I don't understand "in the champagne glass." ... he had his dick in there? Or uhm ... I don't have any other ideas. Please explain.

The woman had the greenest eyes I had ever seen. Seaweed-colored and good to look at in the heat and her left eye was as yellow as the sun. She pointed to a house. That's the store, she said. You need to go there, to see things you've never seen before.

I saw what I had never seen before. A young girl with scabby knees, with a baby at her breast and a white dog with red eyes.

01. I'm not 100% sure but I think I might hate this part the most. I want to punch these words in the face.

And I believe that concludes our look at why reading is bad and doesn't always make our speaking English good.
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smidgy06 = [livejournal.com profile] micmezle = smidgy06 = a horse is a horse. of course.

I also changed my user info a little so that new people can know what they're getting into.

Right then.

Things to try ... to attempt ... to maybe change in 2011.

The weather. Wait, no. Uhm.

01. Take better care of my body. (the insides and the outsides)

02. Keep things organized. And neat. And tidy. (on the computer and also off)

03. Enjoy the good things a little more and let the bad things go a little more quickly.

04. Comment more. Maybe write more. Make icons more. Just basically more.

05. Use my time wisely.

06. Stop caring so much about what I think that other people are thinking about what I think. Or something like that.

07. Read a fucking book. Oh dear Lord, it's been forever since I've read a *book*. I don't even know if I know how to hold one anymore. (ps. That's a lie, I started reading one earlier tonight ... I mean yesterday. Technically.)

08. Get a massage.

And oh yeah, Happy New Year.
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I read (well skimmed) the first two Twilight books online. And I've watched the Rifftrax version of the movies. Tonight I watched Eclipse. And uhm. Team Jacob.

And the point of this is ... Watch the Rifftrax version of the movies. Shit is funny.

* * *

Actually this next part is more about Roswell.

Hey, remember how Izzie entered people's dreams? What did she do while she was in them? I can't remember.
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I dislike when warnings are extra vague like, "spoilers for S6"

Does that mean spoilers for all of S6, even the stuff that has not aired? Spoilers for what has aired? Spoilers for the whole kit and kaboodle? Spoilers for one particular major (/minor) plot point? Spoilers for a particular character?

Etc. Etc. Etc.

I mean, I don't want the spoiler to be specific aka, "spoilers for when Dean finds Sam's soul in a hooker and bangs her in a back alley and when he comes Sam's soul shoots out of her and goes back into Sam."

(which, by the way, I'm really looking forward to that ep - I'm not a fan of Dean sex scenes but I think it might be kind of uh, interesting to see Dean all drunk and rough and a little sloppy with a girl wrapped around his waist and her back against a chain link fence)

But just. Maybe. You know, "spoilers for what has aired." or "spoilers for ep 6x18." "spoilers for something that is rumoured to happen to Dean."
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What tutorials do you like these days? What tutorials have you made? Please share.
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I thought I'd miss days and be all slackerish when it came to the daily comms but I posted 100 pics in all three of them without missing a day. And now I've put them on hiatus because my goodness, it's hard finding pictures. Seriously.

* * *

Those that posted pics for the "give me something to icon" post and haven't gotten icon yet ... I haven't forgotten about you. Honest.


Aug. 3rd, 2010 06:54 pm
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Sometime in the not too distant future I hope to buy a new computer. I want a new desktop. Right now, I have a Dell and I'm quite happy with it - I just want something new and shiny.

Does anyone have any recommendations on what is good? It doesn't have to be Dell but if it is ... that's great.
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*crosses fingers*  I'm pretty sure I got me Firefox again. Well, I do, I'm just hoping that if I have to update again it actually will this time.  And I feel like I'm cheating on Chrome now but there were shiny things in Firefox that I was missing.


A while ago, I mentioned that Firefox wouldn't update no matter how many times I uninstalled and then reinstalled it. So, yesterday, I decided to try again. Only, this time I clicked on the button that said, 'Don't save any links/bookmarks/whathaveyous' and then I went rummaging through my computer to see if I could find any folders that were labelled 'mozilla firefox' and I found one and got rid of that and then I went and downloaded it again and Voila!

* * *

I both like and dislike that Angelina Jolie's tits are uneven on the cover of Vanity Fair. Pretty sure that's the magazine. I like cos, then it looks more natural and don't like because well, after awhile you get kinda used to looking at airbrushed flawless perfection on the cover of magazines and when it's not it's jarring.

* * *

Who else is watching The Gates? I don't think it's a good show but I kind of really enjoy it. I hope it lasts at least a season.

* * *

My extra icons are going to expire before I get around to uploading them. I need to both start making more and finding more to use.  ... Soon.

* * *

I love this picture so much.

And these two as well.

I looked up Todd on imdb and learned that he was M'Fashnik, you know, like mmm cookies.
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Watched The A-Team yesterday. Good shit. But you already knew that.

That Patrick Wilson guy looks so much like a younger douchbagish* Norm MacDonald.

cut for a couple of not really spoilery lines from the movie )

*I'm not saying that this Patrick Wilson guy *is* a douchbag just that he has that look about him.

* * *

Tumblr. I'm pretty sure I'm doing it wrong.

From what I've seen my short time there, it's mostly reblogging and 'inside' talk that I don't get.

I mostly just post random shit. [mostly pictures] And don't reblog that often because well, I don't want to.

I also have few in the way of followers.

Now, that all said - The doing it wrong and no one really caring about my random shit - I'm fairly certain that I am going to create a new tumblr possibly named fuckyeahPadaleckiandtheladies and not every day but perhaps every other day post a picture of Jared with a girl. Well, him and characters that he has played/is currently playing.

I just have to figure out how to create another tumblr.

Ooh, right. My point. Some of you should watch that whenever I get around to it. Mmhmm.

* * *

Where does one go to find screencaps from A Day In The Life and the S1 gag reel?
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We have kitties in the house now. Had them for a little over a week now. The grey and white one is ridiculously soft. I want to save her fur and fashion myself a coat, only I'm not sure how to actually do that. Plus, with my allergies it'd probably end up killing me.


There was an ad online for free cats and my aunt's husband phoned and yadda yadda we got them. The lady brought over the cats, their paperwork to show that they've been fixed and such, food, literbox, and a huge ass scratching post.

They're (of course) still getting used to the place but they're really adorable and friendly and sometimes when petting them they'll roll over and sprawl so you can pet their belleh.


* * *

I went and bought myself a couple months of paid time for megaupload and I've recently discovered the magic that is "megavideo". I'm seriously considering splurging and getting a permanent account there sometime in the future. I like the idea of my files living for ever.

* * *

There are some days when I'd like to wear high heels or a least nice shoes and then on those days I look down at my feet and curse them.

My feet were not built for pretty shoes.


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