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I watched Captain American 2: The Winter Soldier the other day, and as with most things in life... I thought about BtVS.

There's a scene, where Steve's in an elevator and he says something like, "Before we start if anyone wants to leave something something blah blah" and then there was a big fight where he kicked everyone' ass.

I know it's not the same AT ALL. But that bit made me think of, "Professor Walsh? That little recon you sent me on wasn't a raccoon, turns out it was me trapped in the sewer with two of your pet demons. If you think that's enough to stop a Slayer, you really don't know what a Slayer is. Trust me when I say you're going to find out."*

And all these years later I am still disappointed that Buffy never go to properly show Professor Walsh just what a Slayer really is.

Also. I kind of really need for Willow to work for SHIELD. Because that would be awesome.

*that quote is not exact, because it's just from memory.
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"You want to know the deal?  Human weakness - never goes away.  Not even his."

spoilers )
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well, that was kind of stupid. I've gone and given myself extra fictional feels that are quite possibly making me sad.

a couple people on my flist are doing "fanmix meme's: Leave me a character, couple or just general fandom and I will make a 5-ish song mix based on it!"

and because sometimes I like to be annoying/complicated ... make things difficult for the person.

for [livejournal.com profile] goingtoqueens' I wrote,

Zayn and Faith (younger Faith). High school bffs.

She had a bit of a crush on him till she learned that he was gay. And well, being male he had a bit of a thing for her boobs. Until one night they were having a sleep over and they were laying in bed chatting and she just reached over and grabbed his hand and put it on her boob. He flailed so hard he fell of the bed. She laughed so hard she very nearly peed herself.

After a bit, they fell asleep curled up together. She wakes up with his lips pressed to her forehead. "G'morning, best friend. I hope you know you're still a bitch." She smiles and pinches his inner thigh close to his crotch. "Takes one to know one."

(all this a year or so before she's 'called')

-and then-

After she was called they kept in touch for a bit. But after her watcher was killed she cut off all ties from anyone she knew, and they haven't spoken since.


I honestly hate that I can't write. Because I want to tell the stories! I want the fun and sillyness of them as besties. And the sleep overs. And her putting make up on him. "Just because I'm gay doesn't make me a girl, you know." "But you might have to fall back on being a drag queen if that singing career doesn't work out." "I never said I wanted to be a singer!" "No, but you sing all the time and I'm not an idiot."

and after the calling.

It's been a month since he's heard from her. There was a time before last or there abouts, it's getting harder to keep track, when he didn't hear from her for three weeks. This time though, something feels different and he's pretty sure he's not going to see or hear from Faith again.

Zayn pushes open the door to the shop and nods a hello to Greg. "Haven't seen you in here for awhile." Zayn shrugs in response. "Where's your partner in crime?"

He pauses then. Not sure whether to tell the truth that he doesn't know or if he should make up a story about her being abducted by aliens or something more believable like she's been thrown in jail for ten years.
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How can people sit in/on helicopters with their legs dangling off the edge? I mean, do that without shitting/pissing themselves or just freaking the fuck out?

Seriously, if you know. Please tell me.

Okay then. Big fat spoilers for the episode. They aren't in order. And mostly, I just want to flail and gesture.

spoilers )

Well, that's it for now. There is a very good chance I'll be posting a few (or several) times about this episode.

And again. Big giant spoilers for the episode in this post.

+ + +

That's so nice of him. My reply to me (if I were in his shoes) would have been, "Bitch, I know."
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I have a comment on the promo for this Friday's episode. And that comment is under this here cut )
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I did not know this. Did you know this?

JJ Abrams [Lost co-creator-executive producer: Star Trek and Mission: Impossible III director]: I admire and enjoy Buffy immensely." His Lost co-creator- excutive producer Damon Lindelof also admitted that certain Lost episodes were heavily influenced by the TV's stake crusader.

Amy Sherman-Palladino [Creator-executive producer of Gilmore Girls]: Despite her Girls competing with Buffy for TV ratings in 2001, "I've been a Buffy fanatic for years as well as a huge fan of [series creator] Joss Whedon's writing."

This info from - People: Television Shows That Changed Our Lives. (12/10/2010)
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Some things I liked. Some things I did not like. And as often happens, references to Buffy.

cut for them spoilers )

:shrugs: In general this show makes me stupid angry and yet I keep on watching. And often people say, 'Well, if you don't like it. Stop watching it.' Oh, if only it were that easy. There's a reason I keep on watching I'm sure of it. I know Jared and Jensen and their stupid faces have something to do with it but there has to be some other reason. I just need to figure out what that thing is.

Also, I use the words and, but and like way to much.
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Willow Sam: That's right, Big Boy. Come and get it.

* * *

[this from a Bathroom Reader]

The real Dracula's ancestors were warlord princes of Wallachia, a principality in what is now Romania. Dracula's father, Basarab, was in line for the throne, but there were a lot of relatives in the way. So for the moment, Basarab had to settle for the post of governor of Transylvania. In 1431 he was inducted as a knight into the Royal Order of the Dragon. He started calling himself the Dragon, which in Romanian is Dracul. His second son, Vlad, was born a few months later, and the little tyke was nicknamed "Dracula" which means son of the dragon.

[yadda yadda yadda]

In most stories, it's the White Knight who rides in on his charger and saves the day. But this is real life. And this particular White Knight wanted more than anything to be the king of Hungary. He saw Wallachia as a stepping-stone, and the Dragon as an impediment. The White Knight killed Vlad's father, mother and older brother, and took the throne of Wallachia. When Vlad found out what had happened, he vowed revenge.

[blah blah blah]

He sometimes wiped out entire villages for no reason but he didn't just kill his own people. Foreign dignitaries and traders, monks, priests, Turks- everyone was a likely candidate. Travelers started to go the long way around Wallachia. It was during this time that the Turks named him "Vlad the Impaler."
Virtually any crime was punishable by impalement. Sometimes Vlad killed just because he was bored. He tortured and mutilated people, hanged them, burned them at the stake, and boiled them alive, but impalement was his favourite. It's estimated that Vlad the Impaler was responsible for 100,000 deaths.


Vlad was killed outside Bucharest in a skirmish against his oldest enemy, the Turks, but it's a historical toss-up as to whether he died in battle or was killed by his own men. The Turks decapitated him and sent his head to Constantinople, where it was put on display to prove that the man they had named "the Impaler" was really dead. His body was buried at a monastery near Bucharest, but disappeared. When archaeologists in the 1930s removed the slab over Draculas supposed grave, they found an empty pit. Think about it.
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*crosses fingers*  I'm pretty sure I got me Firefox again. Well, I do, I'm just hoping that if I have to update again it actually will this time.  And I feel like I'm cheating on Chrome now but there were shiny things in Firefox that I was missing.


A while ago, I mentioned that Firefox wouldn't update no matter how many times I uninstalled and then reinstalled it. So, yesterday, I decided to try again. Only, this time I clicked on the button that said, 'Don't save any links/bookmarks/whathaveyous' and then I went rummaging through my computer to see if I could find any folders that were labelled 'mozilla firefox' and I found one and got rid of that and then I went and downloaded it again and Voila!

* * *

I both like and dislike that Angelina Jolie's tits are uneven on the cover of Vanity Fair. Pretty sure that's the magazine. I like cos, then it looks more natural and don't like because well, after awhile you get kinda used to looking at airbrushed flawless perfection on the cover of magazines and when it's not it's jarring.

* * *

Who else is watching The Gates? I don't think it's a good show but I kind of really enjoy it. I hope it lasts at least a season.

* * *

My extra icons are going to expire before I get around to uploading them. I need to both start making more and finding more to use.  ... Soon.

* * *

I love this picture so much.

And these two as well.

I looked up Todd on imdb and learned that he was M'Fashnik, you know, like mmm cookies.
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picture. quote. )

Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Season Six. Grave.
Supernatural. Season Five. Swan Song.
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Whistler: Maybe I should ask, what are you prepared to give up?

I really do enjoy Crowley. He's starting to be my favourite part of the eps. Plus, I love his accent.

His, "And scene" made me all giggly flaily.
His, "You're lucky you have your looks." (paraphrased) made me snort.
And him givng Bobby back his legs made me aww.

Castiel: And I am useless.


Oh, Death. *draws shiny hearts around his head*

I wonder if after Death gave Dean the ring if for a moment a "Huh, I wonder if the others would've just given their rings if we'd asked" thought flickered in his mind.

I kind of enjoyed this ep.  Though, still sorta bothered that nothing really happened. A few main things happened but, I dunno, just seems like more could have happened or there could have been less fluff around those things. :shrugs:

Next week's ep looks like it could be quite entertaining.

Buffy: I can deal. I got nothing left to lose.
Whistler: Wrong, kid. You got one more thing.
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Non spoilery spoilers for 5x07
Spoilery spoilers for 5x08
Promo spoilers for 5x09

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