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Well, if I ignore the bullshit, I liked it.

Stoned!Dean reminded me of someone but I'm not exactly sure who. I think maybe it was Dr. Zoe Hart (Bilson's character on Hart of Dixie)

I'm not that worried about Bobby and if he does die? I think that I shall be okay with it.

I do think the episode could have used a, "Yeah, well. So's your face!"

+ + +

Do we cut for SNL spoilers? I just want to talk a little about that one scene. I think it's just the one. I can't seem to get past it.

Oh, my slashy shipper heart! *glee* *flails* To be fair, I wasn't aware that I shipped Jason Segel and Paul Rudd but apparently when I see two boys licking into each other's mouths, I want more.

And the licking and the kissing was really great. And I mean really. But I think my favourite part was Jason saying, "Shut-up" and then grabbing him. And kissing/licking him.

Then there was hair grabbing and Paul straddling Jason's thigh. AND HOMG.

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Things That I Liked:
Uhm ...

Things That Were Pretty Okay:
Well ...

Things That I Didn't Care For:
How about ...

ALL OF IT. Oh, Sweet Moses. What the hell was this episode?

I like Emily Perkins. Okay, I really liked her in Ginger Snaps and something else that I can't think of but every time I see "Becky" I like her a little less and that makes me sad.

And how ... why did they decide that Becky represents the majority of fans? I know I'm a nutjob at times but I have zero desire to drug, kidnap and uh, at the very very least think about raping any well known person. Or any person. At all. Ever.

I also had no real opinion on Sera Gamble.

Then I read this. "The episode, which Gamble said “has elements of meta,” will be one of the season’s “lighter, funnier episodes,” but will “not attempt to tread in ‘French Mistake’ territory.”

How is any of that lighter and/or funnier? Why would she say that? She knows she's a girl right?


Then I was thinking, 'Well, at least the ending was sort of nice.'

And in some ways it's nice. In sort of sad very co-dependent way that Dean doesn't know anything outside of looking after Sam.


After awhile of thinking of fictional conversations between Sam and Dean, I was reminded of an episode awhile back.

When Sam said, "Hey. I've got this demon blood problem. So. I'm going to leave."
And Dean replied, "Yeah. That's a great idea. I've got my bestest buddy Cas to hang with and clearly Bobby loves me more."
Then Sam was all, "Uh ... That wasn't quite what I expected."
Dean was just, "Oh, well. Tough titties for you, I guess. Hey, you want the Impala?"

And I just. I know that sometimes people hit rock bottom. And you just have to let them and then be there for them when they start climbing back up. Or send them on a magical quest.

I know that episode was awhile back. But I still don't like that Dean didn't try and fight Sam about that. Didn't try and tough love the shit outta Sam.

And now Sam's all. "Hey, we're okay now. We're grown ups. We can take care of ourselves now. Yay!" Dean's all, "BUT I CANNAE LOSE YOU, BABBY. YOU ARE ALL I KNOW."

Which on the one level, I really love and and enjoy. Like a lot. But on the other hand. I don't understand ... why now? I mean other than Dean's bestest bud is no more.

I think there might be some sort of sense that is buried amongst the babble. Maybe.
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[personal profile] santacarlagypsy posted her reply and I agreed with most of it, I'd link you to her post but it's flocked. So. I'm just going to post my replies to some of her bits. Behind the cut are spoilers for the ep and a little talk about the promo for the next ep.

cut )
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Spoilers for the episode )

And seriously, does no one have the orginal of the Genevieve/Jared picture I posted earlier? Seriously seriously? Because I honestly find that hard to believe.
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Spoilers for tonight's episode and then a little talk of next week's episode. And cut )
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Spoilers for the episode and a mention or two of the preview for next week's ep ... )

Non spoiler: Sam Winchester is my favourite Winchester. I love him SO BIG.
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Some things I liked. Some things I did not like. And as often happens, references to Buffy.

cut for them spoilers )

:shrugs: In general this show makes me stupid angry and yet I keep on watching. And often people say, 'Well, if you don't like it. Stop watching it.' Oh, if only it were that easy. There's a reason I keep on watching I'm sure of it. I know Jared and Jensen and their stupid faces have something to do with it but there has to be some other reason. I just need to figure out what that thing is.

Also, I use the words and, but and like way to much.
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- But why wouldn't Samuel want his wife back? I know he was possessed at the time but did he enjoy the kiss *that* much with his daughter?

- From what I've read I was among the few who found Castiel watching porn amusing. But what I really enjoyed was Dean saying "You don't watch porn in a room full of dudes." When not that long ago Dean and Sam were watching The Trickster's porn together. So, I guess it's all right for just Dean and Sam to watch together but no third parties.

- I didn't understand Sam and Castiel's fight. If I remember correctly, Sam said something about Castiel owing him. For what? I was hoping that Sam was going to say, 'I'll tell Dean that you're the one that let me out to kill Lilith." because apparently I'm still delusional and naive enough to think that they're going to learn the truth on the show.

- I got a bit weepy when Crowley died.

- Like a few others I also thought that Sam was drinking his own blood to go all RAWR so he could go save Dean. I guess what he did do was good but uh, how much blood was used? Seemed like quite a bit and yeah ... you'd think with that kind of blood loss he'd be at least a bit woozy.

- Even though I don't care for Castiel or Meg, I kind of enjoyed their making out tiems.

- Angel: Yeah, and you look like hell. Not the fun one, where they burn you with hot pokers for all eternity, but the hardcore one, you know, Nixon and Britney Spears?

- Based on that, clearly both Dean and Sam were (are) in the fun hell. *shrugs* I'm thinking Sam's soul would be fine if they shoved it back in him.

- Oh! I don't normally like het (on this show) and like I said above I'm not that fussy on Meg but based on words that were said (I don't remember what they were) I'm fairly certain that Meg and Dean had some hot kinky hardcore rough sexy tiems while in hell and I kind of enjoy that image
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Under the cut is spoilers for tonight's ep, also some talk of tonight's Smallville and tonight's Medium

this is that cut )
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I think my favourite part just might have been Castiel's, "Of course, Dean. Your problems always come first." Hahahahah. Oh, sarcasm. I love you.

I loved the headhoncho vampire dude. I'd like more of him please. Also, vampires must have a wicked good dental plan.

Uhm, I did not want to punch Dean in the face this episode so I guess that's progress.

Sam continues to be my favourite.

Uh, does this mean no more Corin Nemec on the show?

Yadda yadda yadda ... back in 2007 I wrote this in an entry -

I had the best idea for a tv show today and I don't care that someone else has probably already thought of it, I'm taking all the credit.

First. Wolfram and Hart (complete with Lilah and Lindsey) spin off from Angel. It becomes a Law and Order : Demon Edition type show.

But then! Supernatural joins the show and Sam and Dean become Demon Bounty Hunters and instead of killing the demons they bring them in for JUSTICE.

Only Dean's not so good at.


Sam looks down at the dead Yingly creature. "Dean, we're not supposed to kill them anymore."

"He was clearly guilty, Sam." Dean gestures at the body.

"And how the hell would you know that?"

"He's a demon and did you see how much he was slobbering? Innocent people don't slobber."

"That doesn't even make any sense!" Sam shouts.

* *

Sam's phone rings and Lilah's on the other end.

"Have you found the client?"

"Uhm, yeah. But Dean kind of killed him."

"Dammit. Just, bring him in and we'll have someone reanimate him." Lilah lowers her voice. "And you tell your brother that if he kills one more client, I will personally remove his trigger finger."

And Show is now kind of doing that. Sorta. A little. Well, in my world at least. Only it would've been more awesome with Wolfram and Hart.


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