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holy shit. I actually liked this episode. like, all of it. from beginning to end. and the middle bits too. I just. I haven't liked a whole episode of spn in what feels like years. unbelievable.
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for the first time in ever, I chose not to watch an episode of Supernatural.

based on the promo that I saw and the title of Fanfiction, I felt that I would not enjoy this one.

the convention episode nearly did me in.

I feel like this one would have killed me with the second hand embarrassment.

but while I was on twitter, I read good things? I think.

and Jensen apparently wants more J2 fic cos he's a fan or something.

maybe in the distant future, I'll watch this episode. maybe.
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+ Sam and Dean
+ Kate was all right
+ Dean and Sam
+ Picnic
+ No Castiel
+ But like, Sam and Dean did a thing together.

- I really don't think I'm going to enjoy the next ep
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:shrugs: Meh

I could have done with more black-eyed!demon!Dean before he was "cured"

I don't really understand anything about this show anymore

I just know that as much as Sam and Dean piss me off, I will love them for always
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for the most part, I was okay with the episode. didn't hate it. didn't love it. it was all right, I guess.

and then near the end Dean said that thing.

if we're going to have another season, or another large chunk of a season of Sam and Dean fighting? I'm throwing shoes.

fuck off.

I get that Dean's a fucking demon. I don't care.

I want another season of Sam AND Dean hunting things. saving people. and being brothers who might like each other and get along. (I don't even mean that in a wincesty way either)

so fucking tired and bored of their drama.

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if you're new or you've forgotten. my reviews contain some :coughalotcough: snark

all right then. let's get started. )


The Flash.

What a great show. I see myself liking this show. Plus. Jesse Martin. A+
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and a very late quick review.

+ Jodie Mills. A+
+ Please don't rip of titles from Elizabeth Olsen movies. :/
+ I get that being a human, actors have to breathe. However, the asthmatic vampire kinda got on my tits.
+ Sam and Dean. 5EVA.
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- I watched Supernatural. And I made comments. Oh, wow.

- disclaimer: (in case... I dunno. You're new? You don't remember things?) My reviews are not full of rainbows and puppies. I do not like Castiel. And Jared is very pretty.

- doing this was sort of fun.

god speed )
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I actually liked last week's episode. I was shocked and surprised. I haven't liked an episode in a very long time.

Lost Girl:
tbh, I'm not sure if I'm liking Lost Girl because it's good/decent or if it's because it's Lost Girl.
small spolier for last week's ep )

The Following:
I really hope this show gets at least a season.

Kind of really looking forward to this show. I just hope it's good.

x x x

ps. a giant thank you to all who had tips for my dry hands.

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Spoilers for tonight's episode. Also spoilers for One Tree Hill: Danny Boy.

them spoilers )
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Stand-up Comedian: CSI, ever hear of that? I got every episode on dvd. I could kill you and make it look like a unicorn did it.

Xander: [punches clown] You are a lousy clown! Your balloon animals are pathetic! Everyone can make a giraffe! [pause] I feel good! I feel liberated!

Radio Host 1: Clowns always have red lips, do you know what that is?
Radio Host 2: No.
Radio Host 1: The blood of the elderly.

Radio Host 1: And they're always wearing big shoes, you know what that means?
Radio Host 2: Big feet?
Radio Host 1: Big tendencies to stab you in the face when you're sleeping.

and more spoilers for the episode )

Yeah, that's all I've got.


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