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but like I'm actually nervous that I'm not going to like the song. and if I don't, I'll be shunned, or stoned. because this fandom is hardcore
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[Harry and Nick are sat on the couch not paying attention to a cooking show. Harry is curled against him, absently fiddling with a button Nick's shirt.]

Harry: Charles.
Nick: Hmm? What's that, love?
Harry: I think I'd name my boy Charles. Penelope for a girl.
Nick: Those names are boring.
Harry: They are not. They're classic.
Nick: And dull.
Harry: What would you call yours?
Nick: Definitely something butch for a boy. Like Truck.
Harry: [snorts] You would not.
Nick: Truck is a very strong name. Very masculine.
Harry: And if it were a girl?
Nick: I hadn't thought of it, maybe I'd name her after my mum.
[Harry presses a kiss to Nick's jaw]
Nick: What's all this about, anyway?
Harry: Just. Uhm. Just thinking about the future is all.

[Nick sits up a bit straighter and turns to look at Harry]

Nick: Are you breaking up with me?
Harry: What? No. Where'd that idea come from?
Nick: Harry. You're talking about children.
Harry: In the future. Future children.
Nick: I assume this means I'm not ...
Harry: Grimmy, I am not breaking up with you. Not today. Not ever.
Nick: When we first got together, you mentioned wanting children and I said that they were horrible things.
Harry: I thought you were joking.
Nick: Not really.
Harry: [quietly, mostly to himself] You don't want kids.
Nick: [takes Harry's hand in his and kisses his finger tips] I love you, young Harold. But no. I don't want kids.
Harry: I can't change your mind?
Nick: [shakes his head no]

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+ for julia.
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"Which makes me think that I could totally steal Harry Styles, kill him and stuff him. You take that how you want. I would love to stuff him. I'm just saying I wanna stuff Harry Styles!"
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Harry got a new (or the public has just noticed it) tattoo on his wrist. "I can't change" / background

From Yahoo Answers

What does Harry Styles' new "I Can't Change" tattoo on his wrist mean? I just saw a picture of Harry Styles' new tattoo on his wrist and I want to know what the meaning behind it is.

Perhaps it refers to lyrics from Lynard Skynard's "Freebird."

he is not changing for anyone he is going to be him self

Well comsidering that it says I CAN'T CHANGE I think it means that he wants bacon

It's a reference to his favourite song 'Bittersweet Symphony'.

I think it's about his sexuality, I'm serious, he has given us SO MANY hints about it and I'm fangirling like an idiot...

That he is fully capable of changing.

The last answer kills me.

*typos belong to the original poster
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"The One Direction heartthrob wears a blue jacket, jeans, and a stained blue shirt."

Like it was planned and his stylist picked out the stained blue shirt.
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I honestly cannot picture a guy like that being a fan of One Direction so I'm pretending that he's their dealer.

#drugsarebadmmmkay #but #weallreadandlikedthatshotgunningfic
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The best part of Liam and Zayn ripping Harry's* shirt open is Louis coming 'round to look like he's there to judge. 'Yes, boys. This one will do. Prepare him for me.'

* sometimes I wish he went by Harold


Jun. 2nd, 2012 05:55 pm
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This whole Harry thing is ridiculous.

I just want to stare at his ridiculous face all the live long day.

And read Larry stories.

But. I can't find any stories that I want to read.

Life is hard.


May. 31st, 2012 05:43 pm
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