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Aug. 3rd, 2012 08:11 pm
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it's pretty damn pointless most of the time, isn't it?

how do you interact with people online? I mean. how do you get people to engage in conversation with you?

also, while taking a tumblr break. I'm still looking at it from time to time. casually and slowly unfollowing.

if I unfollow you and you don't like it. well, it's probably an accident. just let me know.

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"You're telling me the fact that I don't know I'm beautiful makes me beautiful and you want me to see what you see. You want me to see that I am beautiful but you just told me that the fact that I don't see that I'm beautiful makes me beautiful. So, once I see that I'm beautiful, you ain't going to think I'm beautiful no more? The fuck? Really bitch? You are setting me up for failure."

overexposed: one direction

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Sometimes I like to fantasize that a conversation like this has taken place -

Kripke: Hey, Sera ... Remember when I told you that you were going to be the show-runner and you said you had plans for the show to be like how it was in season one? Yeah, when you uh, said that I thought you meant the first season of my fucking show and not some jacked-up crack version of Highway to fucking Heaven!
Sera: Erm, well ...
Kripke: If we get a seventh season, fix this shit.
Sera: Yessir.
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Yeah, yeah. Jensen blah blah blah.

I wanna talk about the chick in the background. The one who is so pretending not to listen but really is and imo has a bit of a "wtf" expression going on. I kind of of love it. A lot.

Who is she?

* * *

There was a video of Director!Jensen floating around. How spoilery is that video and where can one find it?
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Because sometimes you need to beat that dead horse.

Some of this is fact. Some of it is just what I believe. All of it is my personal canon. Even if it contradicts itself.

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That casting spoiler that Twitter spoiled me for. The most recent one. The one Miss Danneel Harris has commented on...

I have posted this quote before now just seemed a good time to repost.

Dave Foley: And I think we should remember it's okay to say mean things about Paris Hilton. But really if you're discussing Paris Hilton and you're not saying mean things you've really got no reason discussing her. She's an heiress who we get to see give blow jobs on the internet. That's her talent. I've basically ... That's her oeuvre. That's her body of work.
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Reading the spnpermanon comm and there was -

Anon 1: Ten bucks says you are a butthurt BNF.
Anon: 2 Ten bucks says you were an acne ridden goth in high school who hasn't gotten over it.
Anon: 3: Jason Manns called. He wants that ten bucks.

*cracks the fuck up* Seriously. Seriously seriously.

If the person who said the Jason Manns part is on my flist or is reading this - Well, done to you, sir. Very well done.
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I really like how, "I wish he were a critic and not my brother." goes very nicely with, "He's smokin' I can't play his brother."*

So very clearly obvious that Jensen wanted him right from the get-go but wasn't too keen on the 'incest' part ... I'm guessing Jared very carefully explained that while they pretended to be brothers on a tv show they weren't actually related. :p

*paraphrased because I don't remember exactly what he said in the Paley interview but it was close to that.

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May. 17th, 2009 01:08 am
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[fictional conversation]

[Jensen moves closer to Jared and rests his head on Jared's shoulder]
What was it like?
What was what like?
Being engaged ... to a *girl*
[Jared waits a moment before answering]
It felt safe.
[Jensen takes Jared's hand in his]
And now?
[Jared presses his lips to Jensen's temple and smiles]
Now? Now it feels right.

* * *

I've got two invite codes for Dreamwidth if anyone wants one.
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Jared doesn't want to admit that he has a drinking problem but his friends are real concerned. I think there might be an intervention in his future.

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I've come to the conclusion that Sam exorcising demons with his mind is [almost] equivalent to the Carebears and their "Carebear stare." (You know it's true) And no one, except the bad guys, tried to stop the Carebears from getting rid of the bad/evil when it was affecting the innocent people.


* * *

Pictures. I like them. Though I'm not really sure what is up with Austin's wonky wonky eye.


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Dara O'Briain: And comedians hate magicians. I know you may not know this but we cannot stand magicians because they practice and practice and practice and then they pretend that it's magic. That gets on my tits in a huge way. Right? 'Oh, no, where's the card gone? It's *magic*' No, you were lonely as a teenager and you practiced for hours. That's where the fucking card has gone, all right? Concert pianists also practice for hours but they don't go out on stage and go, 'Jesus! Where is the music coming from? This is incredible. It's like it's flowing out of my hands, it's amazing.'
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[before they together]

One time after Jensen finally kicked Jared's ass at football (video game - not the real thing) Jared reached over and patted Jensen's leg and said, 'Good boy.' Jensen huffed and said, 'Dammit, Jared I'm not one of your dogs.' Jared smiled but didn't look at Jensen when he said, 'Yeah, but if I asked nicely you'd lick my face, right?' Jensen laughed and muttered a, 'You wish' before asking if Jared wanted another beer.


Jared still pats Jensen on the leg but instead of barking at Jared (pun fully intended) Jensen just leans over and licks Jared on the cheek before kissing him. One time when he was feeling brave Jared told Jensen, 'You kiss better than Sadie.' Jensen pushed Jared away from him and managed to ignore him for two and a half hours.

During that two hours Jared baked Jensen cookies.
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It turns out that Jensen is the super-sweet and sensitive type who treats his honey like the most special girl in the world-like a princess, in fact. "I'm just an old-fashioned guy," the 19-year-old confesses. "I like to be chivalrous. I like to open doors for a girl, give her my coat when it's cold outside, stuff like that." "Stuff like that" also includes putting a lot of care into creating thoughtful, meaningful gifts for his girlfriend. One Valentine's Day several years ago, Jensen shares, "Instead of giving my girlfriend a really expensive piece of jewelry or something like that, I cut out construction paper and used crayons and everything like that to make a card with hearts on it for her. It took a lot of time."

You know that when the trailer for My Bloody Valentine starts to air on television the girl from the quote above is going to be in her living room picking up one of her kid's toys and something about the ad will catch her attention and she'll stop and watch and see Jensen and see what the movie is called and she'll snort and mutter, 'My Bloody Valentine indeed. I hope he dies.' and one of her children will hear her and say, 'Why do you want the nice man to die, mommy?' And she'll say, 'Billy, fetch mommy a beer and then get your brothers and sisters and gather 'round while momma tells you a story from days gone by ...'

* * *

"It took a lot of time."  <--- THAT IS MY FAVOURITE.
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John Malkovich: Now you know what they say about hopes? They're what we cling to when reality has left us nothing else.
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Sometimes Jared will just write a simple, "I love you." on a piece of paper and post it on the fridge where Jensen will see it. But sometimes he'll write out whole poems. Sometimes funny. Sometimes so syrupy sweet that Jensen will get a cavity just reading it. They never talk about them. Jared's never asked what Jensen thought of one or if a certain line made him smile and laugh. Jensen never tells Jared how much he loves them. But Jensen is keeping them. Saving them in a shoebox. There's a few where the paper is so worn from Jensen reading them over and over again.


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